Practical Recommendations To Earn On Your Smartphone

Due to the dynamic development of high technologies, we can’t imagine today’s life without a variety of mobile devices, which enable us to use them not only as a convenient means of communication, but also as a powerful tool to work on the Internet and, of course, as a way to spend time.

We aren’t going to describe in detail all the technical parameters of various smartphones and tablets. We’d better talk about the method of getting a stable income with the help of popular mobile gadgets. You can really earn a decent income this way, working in nearly the game mode. What’s more – it will require just a minimum initial investment. Using our tips, any mobile device owner will significantly improve his or her financial independence and absolutely change the attitude to methods of earning money.


Making money on your smartphone on a regular basis

Well, from the very beginning you should break up with all of your worthless mobile games. It’s because they eat up your precious time. To start earning real money with your handset, it’s worth trying your hand in the financial markets, which is currently available due to an innovative and high-tech tool for stock trading. We’re talking about binary options, which are getting more and more popular with traders. This format of a special financial contract enables any private investor in the interesting, exciting and even game mode to receive over 100% of net profit within one trading day. For traders, binary options are gradually becoming not just another amusing game. They become an extra good source of income, accessible from the screen of nearly any mobile gadget.

Let’s briefly describe the operation of a binary option. It’s built around the principle of betting on a trading forecast for the growth or fall of the value of any financial asset quoted on the market. When trading this way, for a private investor it’s necessary to determine only two crucial factors: the direction of the forthcoming movement of the asset price on the chart of its quotations (your forecast) and the time of execution of the trade contract (your expiration). As a result of the correct choice of these indicators, a private option trader has a good opportunity to earn up to 90% of net profit on a single binary contract:

Practical recommendations to earn on your smartphone

On the contrary, if you fail to correctly foresee the price of the asset, you’re bound to lose the amount you invested in the binary option. That’s why it’s crucial not to trade haphazardly. You shouldn’t neglect the strict rules of capital management, but we’ll talk about this a bit later.

The attractiveness of binary trade for individual investors and online players of the exchange can be explained by a striking simplicity of trading on the stock exchange market. Another reason is an attractive and affordable starting deposit to enter the market. Any person can start trading in the options market. He or she will only require the initial investment of $10. As a rule, enthusiasts of mobile games spend much more money, without earning, of course. Binary trading provides the most extensive opportunities to achieve high stable earnings.


How can I make a big profit on binary options by trading from a mobile device?

Let’s move away from the theory because it’s high time to get down to mastering practical skills. To work with binary options, you will require a specialized application. It’s a mobile trading terminal. An application from the reputable broker Binomo will provide you with a high-tech set of advanced tools for profitable trading on your mobile gadget.

The given operator of the binary market provides a free up-to-date professional terminal, which can be installed on mobile devices with the most common operating systems – iOS and Android:

How can I make a big profit on binary options by trading from a mobile device?

When you install this application, you will need to register a personal account. On this trading terminal, you can choose a comfortable trading mode: a training demo account to practice conducting transactions on a virtual deposit or a real account with a certain amount of real funds. The training demo account from the broker Binomo is highly recommended to be used as a trading simulator of binary options trading.

Now let’s go back to the possibility of earning a profit. To register your real personal trader account, you need to fill out a special simple form of an interactive format, enabling you to get access to your personal cabinet on the mobile platform of the market operator.

Training demo account from the broker Binomo

To trade binary options you will definitely require a starting capital – you can start with just 10 USD. To replenish your trading account, use a special section of the mobile platform – «Cashier», where you can see the entire list of provided payment options services and also this broker’s bonuses.

Simulator of binary options trading from the Binomo

Having replenished trading account, you can get down to binary trading

Having replenished your trading account, you can get down to binary trading, which will give you long-awaited high earnings. To achieve this, we offer you one useful recommendation. Just keep reading this review.


How can I profitably trade binary options on my mobile platform?

Before proceeding directly to trading, let’s say a few words about the trading terminal and describe the technical capabilities of the application for binary options trading. Unlike its competitors, the broker Binomo has managed to create quite comfortable conditions to earn a living with binary options trading. The broker has drastically improved the already high technical potential of its mobile application. To make money with binary options on your handset, you can successfully use the following set of tools:

  • A multi-format chart, on which you can set the type of price display – Japanese candles or a linear graph;
  • A set of 40 popular assets for conducting stock trading;
  • The statistical service for automatic assessment of the dominating market sentiment;
  • The range of available expiration of options contracts varies from 1 min. up to 24 hours;
  • Option bets of USD 1 at least;
  • The striking profitability of contracts of up to 90%;
  • The non-stop trading mode;
  • Professional analytics;
  • An Intuitive and convenient user interface of the trading terminal.

How can I profitably trade binary options on my mobile platform?

To make a profit on a regular basis, and to work on the exchange in a stable mode, you will need a so-called system. That’s a profitable trading strategy (what is a trading strategy?), which can be defined as a set of rules for money management and a mathematical approach to forecasting the price movement. The system will enable you to make the most of binary options trading. Instead of playing roulette, you will observe a steady surge of your trading deposit. We offer you the following simple and intuitive forecasting system:

  • Open a chart of any asset in the Japanese candlestick display mode and attentively study it;
  • Determine the general direction of the price movement on the chart at the current moment (the so-called «trend»);
  • With the help of the latest highs or lows of the asset, you should determine the level of the trend. On the chart, quotations make a turn from this level. In practice, it will look like this:

Strategy enables to receive over 85% of positive contracts

  • Use as a signal to open a trading position on the options exchange, the moment when the price hits the specified level on the chart. You should open contracts strictly in the direction of the trend.

This elementary trading strategy for binary options enables the investor to receive over 85% of positive binary contracts. It gives the trader a high dynamics of increasing the volumes of profit. In this simple strategy (300 other strategies), it’s recommended to use binary options, the expiration of which is in the range of 2-5 minutes. In addition, you shouldn’t forget about a high risk of losing your money. To avoid this, utilize option rates at their lowest possible value, or (with large deposits), with the option value limited to no more than 5% of your trading deposit.



As you see, there’s nothing difficult in trading binary options on your smartphone. You only need a downloaded special application, a reliable professional broker, and your attentiveness when working on the exchange. All these factors along with your adherence to the rules of trading will bring you a decent profit and, undoubtedly, a storm of positive emotions!

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