Common Trading Mistakes

Many investors striving to generate high trading profits through short-term contracts don’t understand the reasons why they aren’t succeeding. By the point you receive disappointing results, you’ve likely already made a number of mistakes. These kinds of mistakes are very common in online trading, especially with new traders who aren’t adequately experienced or schooled in the ways of the trading process. This article will highlight the main reasons investors fail to generate profit.

Of course, beginners to the market for short-term contracts won’t just automatically start conducting trading operations effectively. First and foremost, they need to gain the necessary skills and experience. This is particular is often considered to be the worst mistake in terms of achieving success. The financial market is both challenging and unforgiving. That being said, there are actions you can take to help get through complex situations, minimizing your losses and limiting disappointments. To do this, you must approach trading in the right way and follow the recommendations of professionals. Being aware of possible mistakes you could make in advance gives you the opportunity to work out the technical process of trading and enables you to quickly get ahold of your bearings on the market.

So, let’s get started with the most common trading mistakes:



Overconfidence is the leading factor that causes new traders to fail. The majority of investors want to start earning right away and rush to place trades right after they register their account on a trading platform, thinking that it’s just that easy! Unfortunately, the market is complex and requires background knowledge and practical skills. Therefore, before you open your first contract on the exchange market, you need to at the very least undergo a basic educational course that outlines the roots of market analysis, the technical opportunities terminals have to offer, and algorithms that work with your trading tool. After this, you can start practicing trading on a demo account. You should only start trading with live funds after you have gained some practical experience on a demo account and have a stable record of producing positive results.

Common Trading Mistakes

It is dangerous to be overconfident trading online! All successful traders have invested a significant amount of time and effort into studying and gaining the practical skills required!


Trading without a system

Many people seem to think that you can just guess the direction the market is going. Of course, over certain periods of time it may work, but it is impossible to generate a stable profit in this manner. Financial activity on the market requires in-depth analysis of a myriad of indicators, combined to form an effective trading forecast. Therefore, using a trading strategy is a critical factor in terms of the level of success you will likely achieve.

Trading without a system

A strategy is a collection of tools and guidelines selected to produce a stable profit. In essence, a strategy is constructed by adopting a particular technical approach for forecasting the market while adhering strictly to money management guidelines. Professional investors often use indicator-based approaches to analysis or systems based on algorithmic market cycles. Therefore, by benefiting from technical and statistical advantages over market, they are able to consistently increase their capital. So, when you start trading, your first order of business is to find an effective system of analysis, only then can you participate effectively on the market.



Without a doubt, greed is the psychological factor that has the most influence on trading. The temptation of generating significant profit leads to a gambling mentality. As a result, this kind of greed drives traders to take unreasonable risks. This mistake most commonly manifests as trading positions taken regardless of the high costs that violate basic money management guidelines. To put is simply, traders invest their entire deposit in one contract. Predictably, this leads to them losing their entire trading capital and gaining a overall pessimistic view of trading. Trading platforms always warn their partners that taking such a risky approach is not likely to lead to profit! This is something that every investor needs to take to heart! To trade safely on the market and generate a profit, you can’t just throw money around. You need to strictly adhere to money management guidelines. They are very simple, just don’t take any trading positions whose cost amounts to more than 3% of your total deposit to trade safely. It also means that when you generate losses, you can easily compensate for them in long-term.


Trading against the trend

Conducting trading operations aimed against the trend is a completely useless endeavor. Without a doubt it’s possible to generate profit by trading on market corrections or technical recoils, but regardless it is far more lucrative to trade on well forecasted trends. ‘The trend is your friend’ is a great saying that pretty much sums it up. You should only ever conduct trading operations in the direction of the rate trend. Even the most forecastable corrections and recoils eventually deplete your capital.

Trading against the trend


Psychology and emotions

Unfortunately, as human beings, our physiology and psychology work against us when trading. The majority of losses occur when traders are unable to control their emotions, such as anger, the impulse to take risks, or the desire to quickly recover losses or generate large profits. Anger in particular prevents traders from clearly analyzing both their own actions and the market itself. This leads to mistakes and losses. Conversely, by controlling your emotions and psychological well-being when on the market, you gain numerous advantages for generating profit and overall success.

Taking a cold, calculated approach to your chosen trading strategy and being honest with yourself about your mistakes will lead you to achieve success in trading!

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