Binary Options Without Deception: Is It Possible?

The Internet is stuffed with materials on the topic of fraud in binary trading and scammers, using this tool for their dirty deeds. However, most of these articles have nothing to do with specific companies or situations. Instead, they consider binary options as a common industry. In our opinion, it’s absolutely wrong! Let’s find out whether binary options can be a real source of income or it’s 100% deception.


Trading as a deception: who promotes this opinion?

Analyzing the feedback of users on the Internet, we can say that there’re several categories of users, promoting two main theories of the illegality of options. For the first category, binary trading is another fraud and nothing else because they can’t imagine their life without freebies. They’re concerned with getting the maximum profit, very quickly, and without any effort.

If we consider the first category of potential investors, then, we can agree that when working in the market in the casino mode and trading randomly, it’s unreal to achieve any results. Even taking into account the principle of the binary contract, in which the format of the game bet is actually presented, this direction of financial activity can’t be attributed to gambling. The reason for this is quite simple. The matter is that gambling strategies don’t work here. On the contrary, scientific and instrumental approaches to market analysis are very effective.

If you work in the market using only your own intuition to forecast the market, in this case, you have no reason to blame the broker of binary options for the loss of your funds – you’ll do it by yourself! What’s more – you have all the prerequisites for professional and effective market forecasting at hand.

The second category of opponents of binary trading includes so-called «experts». As a rule, these are users who have a minimum of knowledge in trading, often based on unsuccessful experience in Forex, or «investors» who have never worked on the binary market themselves.


Opponents of binary options and their delusions

There are three hard-core misconceptions that use haters of binary options as evidence of their rightness. Let’s consider them.

1. The trader’s profit under contracts is always less than his investment. Yes, indeed, the payment on the option is always 25-30% lower than the bet, and it’s is a reality. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the trader will 100% lose all his trading deposit. Frankly speaking, no one knows a super business, which absolutely guarantees profit for each invested dollar.

Such indicators of profitability of options are quite enough for earnings. We should stress that here profitability of a trading position won’t be the main thing. Instead, the general statistics of profitable contracts really matters. Correctly predicting the market, and getting 60% of trading positions with a positive expiration, you will enjoy a stable growth of funds.

2. Inaccurate quotations are used in the trading of binary options. Here, there really is something to argue about. It’s because only foolish people can build their conclusions on the minimum discrepancies in the asset values that are actually observed on different brokerage platforms. It’s clear that quotations can’t be the same, as companies receive liquidity from different sources and there are inaccuracies everywhere. Therefore, this delusion hasn’t been confirmed by anything yet.

3. The problematic withdrawal of funds. Undoubtedly, you can easily find companies that don’t pay profits to their customers, but it’s a matter of choosing a partner than the general desire of operators to deceive. Choosing professional platforms that have a license for their activity, you will be provided with safe trading conditions and you’ll always be able to receive the earned money on time, using any convenient payment service for you. For example, the company Binomo calculates the trader’s withdrawal request for a maximum of 3 working days, and a minimum of 4 hours (everything depends on the status of the account). Moreover, there aren’t any delays or additional conditions.

Opponents of binary options and their delusions

Of course, it’s worth saying that opponents of binary options are right in one moment – the trader’s loss is the broker’s profit. However, it doesn’t mean that companies are trying to deceive because it’s unprofitable! For the broker, the best advertisers are professional traders who earn steadily, so, in this case, payments to customers become the engine for a successful platform. There’s no point in stealing $1,000 from a beginner if he’s bound to lose all this trading deposit due to the lack of experience. It’s better to teach trading, get a commission from the trader’s money and popularize binary trading!


Binary options without deceit are a reality!

Scammers and deceit are present in all spheres of human life, so we shouldn’t ascertain that binary options are a fraudulent tool based on a primitive analysis. In order not to avert fraud in trading, first of all, you should change your own attitude to this process. Learn professional trading, analyze your mistakes, use correct money management, and, of course, choose professional and secure platforms. In this case, you will understand the real potential and possibilities of binary options in earning a decent income.

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