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Questions arise for most beginners just becoming acquainted with binary options and the financial market – why do we need a mediator for trading processes, and why can’t I work directly on the market? That will be the topic of this article, in which we will explain the need for broker services in private binary options trading, as well as provide recommendations for the proper selection of a partner for binary trading.


Why do I need a broker?

The financial market system is built in such a way that trading positions can only be taken by a legal entity which has a license for this type of activity from a regulator. That is what makes it necessary to use an intermediary – a broker for trading on the binary market. The broker takes the trader’s order to buy or sell a contract on its own behalf, but using your money and receiving a commission. Because of financial market regulator conditions, private trading without a broker is simply impossible!

It should be noted that binary options brokers operate differently. For example, dealer centers do not take trading positions on the market itself, but carry out transactions between their clients. This method supports the highest number of scammers that have no relation to professional brokers.


How to choose a broker?

In considering this question, we must say that the choice of a partner, to the greatest extent, will depend on your end result in binary trading and the current stability and comfort of the market. Without professional tools, high-quality support services, or broker transparency, stable and profitable results cannot be obtained. For this reason, the choice of broker is the main problem for beginners at the initial stage of preparation for trading on the binary market. To avoid scammers’ sites, the following parameters should be considered when choosing a binary options broker:

  • The presence of a license from a regulatory body
  • Instrumental and technical content on the terminal
  • The availability of training and analytics
  • A mode and format of crediting and withdrawing trading funds
  • Trading conditions and access to the market
  • General characteristics of the broker as described by users

This will allow you to best protect yourself and your investments from losses, and provide the optimal conditions for stable trading.

For example, the Binomo broker is a proven professional trading platform for binary trading. Any client, simply by registering an account, receives the following services and trading tools:

  • An FMRRC license
  • A specialized professional trading terminal that contains all the necessary analysis tools for profitable trading, has a large variety of assets with yields of up to 90%, and the platform itself is very stable

Binary options broker

  • Free analytics and highly professional training
  • Fast money transfers (instantaneous) and withdrawals of profits (within 24 hours)
  • The minimum possible binary market trading conditions – an initial account costs 10 USD, 1 USD is the minimum cost of a trading position
  • Excellent reviews from broker partners and industry professionals

Binary options broker

Having made the right and deliberate choice based on the analysis of brokerage services, you will be able to comfortably trade on the binary market, and achieve the highest possible result.

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