The Forecast For The Main Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple And Monero For 2018

Bitcoin’s daily mind-blowing records ruin the boldest analytical forecasts. The leader of the crypto market leads the rest of the digital coins, and most analysts agree that investors and speculators will keep making money on this asset in 2018 as well.

The forecast for the main cryptocurrencies

So, it makes sense to jump with both feet to crypto the market as soon as possible in order to start earning a decent income. Now let’s consider the prospects for the development of the main crypto assets in 2018.


Bitcoin 2018

As we know, that’s main cryptocurrency, which is currently at the peak of its popularity. Most probably it will be still popular in the nearer future. However, the maximum capitalization and incredible growth rates of Bitcoin (BTC) go hand in hand with high volatility and poor predictability.

Early in 2018 the economic community argued that Bitcoin would reach $10,000 and on the night before this article was written, its value rocketed to $18,000, although slumped to $16,000 by the morning.

In their fresh trading forecasts, some analysts focus on some of the moments that foreshadow the growth of this asset in 2018.

  • The leading position on capitalization, which has almost reached $300 billion.
  • The launch of trading in Bitcoin futures on major US exchanges in December (OWN and CME).
  • Possible investment flows from the derivatives market, which holds more than $630 trillion. Even a small investment from this side will seriously increase the capitalization of the digital coin.

These factors will probably keep backing Bitcoin’s growth against the greenback at the beginning of the year, and its maximum is difficult to determine. If the forecasts, including those made by large investment funds, are confirmed, its value can reach $100,000 and even higher. However, there’s also a potential opposite tendency to this phenomenon. In spring, the uptrend might be replaced by the opposite trend in the event of the bankruptcy of a large number of ICO projects. However, the probability of such an outcome isn’t high.


Ethereum 2018

That’s the number two crypto asset on the market (ETH, Ether). It’s a relatively young, but daring representative of the crypto world (learn here how to make money on cryptocurrencies). It demonstrates intensive growth rates, being a more stable than its rivals.

The forecast for the main cryptocurrencies: Ethereum 2018

Unlike its main competitor, Etherium has a useful practical function in the financial world – the organization of transactions by banks and companies. This feature allows you to make clearer forecasts of changes of its value in the future.

We’ve just identified three main factors that could contribute to the growth of this cryptocurrency in 2018:

  • In 2017, the Enterprise Etherium Alliance was founded, consisting of several high-tech corporations investing in the development of the Etherium platform, which had a positive effect on its capitalization;
  • Miners aren’t the only emission center of Ether, and this fact significantly tames its volatility;
  • Ethereum can be used by banks as well as large corporations to conduct secure transactions (a number of companies have already switched to this platform for making payments, others are just testing this technology, sure, growing interest in the practical side of Ether will attract many professional investors to the asset).

Annual rates of its surge enable us to assume that its allowable value can reach $1000 next year.


Ripple 2018

This cryptocurrency is very attractive for buying because of its relatively low cost ($0.24 by the end of the year) and positive prospects. A persuasive reason for the practical use is that Ripple is built around the payment gateway technology, which can be used by banks as a transaction system.

The forecast for the main cryptocurrencies: Ripple 2018

This useful function of the digital currency attracted investments of some large companies, in the amount of $9,000,000 that brought its capitalization to the fourth place. In addition, not so long ago the developers of Ripple have launched a service to trade in precious metals.

This asset proceeds with the systematic development in its practical specialization, attracting new partners, which is regarded as a solid base for continuing growth against the US dollar. Experts predict a rise to $1 in 2018.


Litecoin 2018

Litecoin boasts a «silver» status in the crypto market. It’s among the seven most capitalized digital coins ($5.3 billion), and its main purpose remains long-term investments and trading. In addition, Litecoin enables you to make online purchases.

The forecast for the main cryptocurrencies: Litecoin 2018

In favor of the future uptrend, we can offer the following reasons:

  • High growth rates in 2017 from $4 to $100;
  • Strong correlation with the exchange rate of Bitcoin, which still has a positive outlook;
  • It’s convenient tool for conducting secure transactions, which can attract large investments.

Analysts predict growth to $160 within the next six months.


Monero 2018

Manero has quickly entered the top of ten most capitalized crypto assets (learn here whether crypto assets are a scam). Its main advantage is the highest level of privacy of transactions compared to its rivals.

The forecast for the main cryptocurrencies: Monero 2018

This fact provides Monero with a steadily growing demand and a proportional increase in its quotations. Analysts suggest that if the uptrend continues, this asset will enter the top five of leading cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization.

In 2018, the growth of Monero can be affected by:

  • The increasing popularity of the cryptocurrency as a means of payment for large companies (in particular, Apple and AlphaBay);
  • Even greater optimization of the security and anonymity of payments by the developers.

Analysts hope for $200 already in early autumn and by the end of 2018 Monero’s value is expected to reach $261.

Thus, in 2018 the growth of all key crypto assets is anticipated and it foreshadows the prospects for making money on this asset for investors. Easy access to transactions with the crypto currency can be obtained through regulated online brokers, such as AMarket, which is one of the world’s largest companies with a high rate of return of its customers.

Note that the recommendations given in this article can’t be considered to be trading instructions, since the crypto market is extremely volatile and it depends on many unaccounted factors. To aware of market sentiment and fresh news, AMarkets (go to its official website) provides daily market analytics, conducts regular webinars and offers up-to-date information for its clients.

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