What Has Changed In The Crypto Market In Early 2018?

At the end of 2017, analysts’ forecasts as for the crypto market largely came true, but in some ways they didn’t meet expectations. The warnings that the crypto market is difficult to predict and events in it can develop according to any scenario turned out to be absolutely precise. How crypto assets will feel themselves in 2018? Are they a worth financial instrument for investment? We’ll answer these questions in this review.

The middle of January for the crypto market turned out to be tough and full of events. Generally speaking, most of the major digital coins are facing a temporary correction now. The three leaders: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are currently trading in the red, while Ripple is diving more than others.

A strong rebound is usually used by some traders as an opportunity to effectively enter the market, and from the point of view of trading it’s a positive moment. For those who are planning to start investing in crypto assets now, it’s probably an appropriate time for choosing a broker giving access to the crypto market. AMarkets would be a good choice. It has successfully been operating in the field of finance and investment for 10 years.


Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple 2018

These three cryptocurrencies with the highest capitalization are significantly ahead of the others, and since the beginning of the year they have firmly left others behinds. As of mid-January 2018, the total capitalization of these digital coins accounts for $430 billion.

The news that South Korea is planning to impose restrictions on cryptocurrencies once again has boosted the general fall in the capitalization of these assets. The top three are in the process of correction in different ways, and Ripple happened to be the top loser.

After a dizzying soar in early January Ripple is currently facing a tough dive. The previous week, this crypto asset lost 40% of its value. One can’t predict whether the digital coin will stabilize in the nearer future or not, as much depends on news from outside.

What has changed in the crypto market in early 2018? Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple 2018


Ripple’s downtrend by mid-January (Coinmarcetcap)

Bitcoin behaves unstably, and after the New Year holidays it’s expected to maintain its downtrend. At the time of writing of this article its value amounted to $10,500, but strong volatility makes a significant change in the value possible in the nearer future.

What has changed in the crypto market in early 2018? Ripple’s downtrend by mid-January


Bitcoin’s weekly decline in mid-January (Coinmarcetcap)

Ethereum is definitely the most positive asset among these three. Its quotes still retain an uptrend since the beginning of this year and positive news give it a good push. Now it’s demonstrating a 17% surge from the first days of January, and it was backed by the news that one of the platforms for creating tokens – Tether, launches USD and EUR on the platform of Etherium, instead of Omni, owned by Bitcoin. The value of Ethereum at the time of writing of this review is $1055.

What has changed in the crypto market in early 2018? Bitcoin’s weekly decline in mid-January


Ethereum maintains an uptrend (Coinmarcetcap)

In general, the forecast of some experts that some altcoins remain promising for trading is still valid. Well, the forecast states that the focus of investors has shifted from Bitcoin to less popular names. In 2017, Ethereum demonstrated the best surge.


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Traditionally, we ought to warn you that crypto assets are a highly volatile trading instrument and any transactions with it are extremely risky. To minimize your losses and increase earnings, we strongly advise you to thoroughly study the crypto market with the help of our training materials, conferences and webinars, which are freely available on the AMarkets website.

Successful investment!

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