Complaint And Reviews About Walton Capital

The complaint came from this email – [email protected]

Good day! I want to complain about the financial company providing binary options trading Walton Capital. Their site is

Their manager called me. I underwent the registration procedure with him. Then, I replenished my trading account with 500 bucks, and they assigned an analyst to me. I had 5-6 transactions twice a week. Their analyst introduced himself to me as Timofey Martynov. The manager also pledged that I would be provided with the best analyst. I was promised a good income in the nearer future. After a while, I managed to earn some money with the broker. First, I tried to withdraw $100, then $400. Everything worked fine, but the transfer took up to two weeks. In general, the total trading deposit of mine accounted for $2,300, then I managed to increase it to $5,800.

At the same time, two friends of mine also worked with this analyst. The fried immediately used the whole insured amount of $1,500 to open a trading position. He increased this amount to $3,000. Then, the trading deposit extended to $5,270. He requested the withdrawal. He has been waiting for his money for up to 16 days.

As for me, I was offered to combine my trading deposit with my friend’s one and insure $10,000 for the transaction. Well, we made a deal under the joint account, earned $8,500 to hit $18,500 in total. By that time another analyst showed up with a proposal to use some trading robots just to raise up to $20,000, with insurance, of course. However, before that, I had requested to withdraw $5,000. Then, on the night from 01.01 to 01.2 my trading deposit amounted to $270. Those damned robots ate up most of my deposit!

I have found nothing about this company on the web yet. However, they say this trading platform doesn’t have its own broker, but it works honestly. As for the withdrawal, they don’t do it, and their clients’ deposits become empty sooner or later. I guess their trading charts are fake too. Their staff members have false names, anyway. By the way, I have their analyst’s phone number, who introduced himself as Timofey Alexandrovich Martynov – 89690738511.

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