Complaint About Vortex Assets

The complaint came from Svetlana, email : [email protected]

I request you to investigate for fraud vortex assets broker ( ). In august 2016 i opened my trading account by $100 on site this broker.

They gave me analyst, that worked in first times actively with me.After he offered me add money for contract trading. I putted there $750. We made deal, that profit was at first time.

After it became to decline and they stopped to connect with me. I stopped deal, but i have not opportunity return my money.

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  • Anonymous

    This company needs to be investigated!!!!! I had the same experience with Vortex Assets. I was approached by an account manager from Vortex Assets who pestered me for days to invest. I eventually invested $500. I was told that I could withdraw at any time however when I requested a withdrawal I was given so many excuses that they eventually ran out of excuses. Their policy stated that I would receive my money within 2 to 5 days however I am waiting nearly 2months. Do not invest with this company they are running a scam. As soon as they receive your money they become rude and too busy to address your queries. They don’t respond to any emails and pretend to be too busy trading. Stay away from them. I am also reporting them to Interpol. Trading is banned in the USA therefore they are trying to deceive people in other countries with their scrupulous behaviour and defrauding innocent people. Let’s stand together and eradicate this cyber crime from the people that are extorting money from innocent people and gaining their wealth on other people’s hard earned money.

    • Michael Sewdass

      I have been trading with Vortexassets for the last few months and had no problems with the withdrawal.

  • Michael Sewdass

    I have been with Vortexassets for the last few months with no problems in terms of withdrawal, but if there’s anything to be worried or concerned about, please let me know. Thanks

  • rimglo

    Michael, I have the same problem like above mentioned. I can’t receive back withdrawl funds. May be you have more information about this company, Vortexassets?

  • Sonia

    Thats right ,Had similar issues, I lost my money to the scheme of binary options trader who kept asking me to invest.When I wanted to withdraw, they refused my request. I fought back dirty and hired a pro hacker. email [email protected]

    • sava

      what happen next what the pro hacker can do here to solve this issue
      we all need fight and ruin all this scam broker

  • Jeremy

    These criminals will steal everything you invest with them. They are sub-human since they don’t possess a conscience. Full of lies, deceit, excuses and false claims. You can not believe a word they say. They have blood on their hands.

  • Trader

    Scam, dont invest with them…. be careful …

  • sava

    anyone have any latest update on this Vortex company, keep seeing they doing good and promote to more investor…

    • Trader

      Good luck to you ,bro !!!!

    • Jeremy

      Criminal company. Run from these evil wicked thieves. They have cheated around 200 Singaporeans of their money and refuse to pay out any withdrawals. They lie constantly and continue to trade on our accounts after legal letters were sent to them demanding they cease trading. They are purposely wiping out our balances by up to 90,000 USD each day. Horrible, horrible, people.

    • J

      It’s a Ponzi scheme/scam run by degenerate Jewish scammers. Nothing good to say about these vile apes. Please don’t invest with them or your money is as good as gone.

  • rome

    As a new customer i have managed to get $100 welcome bonus and then with 3 flips to turn it to $350. then asked to make a withdraw. After few calls and emails they approved the withdraw without the welcome bonus

  • Mark Wong

    sadly they are a scam. I was one of those affected.

  • byk

    I worked for Vortex Assets for 3 days when I saw that they were forcing me to withdraw money from people’s credit cards without their knowing I quitted because I am not a thief. Be aware they are thief’s and they will take your money whenever they need it

    • sava

      hi can you able to share more on this Vortex management and where is the office locate? its good to see an X staff here to talk about vortex

    • Vineet

      We need your suggestion in order to tackle Vortex. Our funds are stuck with them. Please tell us how can I contact you. Twitter – @verma35smriti

    • Mark Wong

      Hi Byk, would like to find out more about your time with Vortex Assets. Do you mind contacting me?

    • Mark Wong

      Hi Byk, would like to know more about their operations. would you be willing to contact me via my Google+ account?

    • Vineet

      Hello Byk- How can I contact you directly to discuss about Vortex. We are struggling to get our funds back. And there are around 200 investors from Singapore & Malaysia stuck with them

  • VA Victim

    It is indeed a scam company and it is trying very hard to strike off its company registration with Companies House UK. Steer clear and spread the word to everyone know!