Complaint And Reviews About Swis Trade

Complaint came from Irina, from e-mail: [email protected]

Hello, I want to tell you about another website I got a call from their consultant Philipp Makarov, he left his skype ID. When it appeared that I couldn’t withdraw my 96000 rubles from the website StexFxLtd (see complaint on our website), I applied to Philipp by skype asking if he could help me to withdraw my money. He switched me to quasi lawyer Ruslan. The lawyer fooled me into registration, made me deposit 200 euro. Next day I passed the verification and submitted them my documents.

Then I get a call from the analyst Dmitriy Mikhnov. I tell him in whatsapp that I need to get my money back from another website. Dmitriy pretends he withdraws the money to my account on their website. He explains I need to deposit another 40℅ of the sum and makes me add 39000 more. The money alleged to be put for withdrawal. And we opened a deal for another 100 euro – not to look suspicious.

The money supposed to be on my card. In 5 days there was no money on my card. I get a call from an alleged interbank and a man shouts at me that my money got caught up at the bank and they shall be withdrawn. I get inadequate, saying him I have no more money. This man keeps shouting forcing me to go Sberbank online, where he quickly applies for loan of 80000 rubles on my name, then transfers the money to the website swis trade. I didn’t manage to get what happened, Sberbank allowed the transfer. Then it gets more interesting, the man from the interbank calls me saying he is done, I shall expect the call from RBI.

I get a call, the man is reporting he is RBI expert. Says we will clear it up now. I need you to transfer your open holding of 45000 rubles to your card. I say this money is not mine. RBI expert tells this money won’t go anywhere, they just need to be transferred to the card. I transferred the money. RBI expert explains that the system shall be turned off, it appeared after that we turned off Sberbank system. He said me to press f4, then f5 keys. And transferred the money to the site, convining me not to worry, my oney will be back. Then asked me to confirm the declaration, I clearly said I couldn’t as the time was 10 p.m. already. We good night. Next day I get another call from the interbank. The safety officer Charitonov shouts at me for my money to be got caught at their bank and I need to balance the spread of 1000 euro. I replied that I balanced the spread yesterday, he said nothing was balanced.

In some time, after I pulled myself together, I sent them the message: “You swindlers, give me my money back.” They opened a credit card in Sberbank on my name. This card got shown up in my online bank. I managed to block it. I have no idea who was supposed to get this card. A lot of people became victims of this website, the sums are 20000-2000000 rubles, the police does nothing.

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