Complaint And Feedback Against StexFX Ltd

Complaint came from Malakhov Yuriy Vladimirovich, from e-mail: [email protected]

I, Malakhov Yuriy Vladimirovich, left my complaint on the website on 23 March, 2018 года and still no answer occurred, neither I did receive the money on m account; here is the situation: 3000 $ were transferred to my account, quasi for transaction settlement, then I received 4000 $ more – so called profit on transaction, then introduced a withdrawal ban demanding the “reimbursement” of these “debt” 3000 $.

The ban fixed under the loan agreement is illegal, and the loan agreement itself not valid because of the following reasons:

I wasn’t informed fully and truly about the loan and the loyalty program of Standby

— the funds were transferred to my account on 14 March, 2018 afternoon, and the contract with the conditions was sent to my e-mail on 15 March 2018, therefore didn’t have a chance to take a good decision, apart from that I didn’t agree for it;

— my questions to the broker about the loan conditions were ignored due to declared occupation, and the specialist replied on my phone call saying the conditions will be given in the contract. Thus I was deceived, not fully informed, the debt was dictated with no chance to decline it, which contradicts with the law of RF.

Apart from this, according to RF legislation the loan agreement shall be signed in written by both parties, this condition wasn’t fulfilled as I didn’t sign the contract. As a Contract Party the emitting bank Royal Bank of Scotland I shown, represented by chairman of the board Philipp Hampton. However the contact itself is signed by David Strauss, the Head of financial department, and sealed by Stex FX Ltd, no Debtor’s BANK details neither of the broker, which also results into the loan agreement invalidity 143:13-02/79192.

Apart from this the position of Philipp Hampton is given wrong – he holds the position of the chairman of the executive board and it’s not clear, based on which document he acts. All this proves the contract invalidity.

One of the contract conditions is the deposit for entering a deal. But I haven’t executed any transactions with this sum, the money from my trading account wasn’t charged off in the period of 14 to 20 March, 2018, neither deposited. I didn’t task anyone to invest funds. Even if this money somehow took part on a deal, then unknown to me and with no written report about transactions executed, rate of return and profit. The company mentioned above according to the clause.2.1 of the Firm offer about the execution of the contract for information services by the website of 26.06.2017 delivers just information services. They didn’t have right to execute transactions for my money and interests, there is no information in free access about the possibility to provide money (loans) or about loyalty program for Standby customers neither.

On 20 March, 2018 another 4000$ were charged to my account, shown as “transaction profit” with an unknown company (where did this money come from, it’s not clear, much less debt funds). All this jiggery-pokery with MY account I consider illegal and clearly looking like a scam. There is no statement, nowhere in the contract that I shall transfer MY OWN funds of 3000 $ on my account, the unclear term “reimbursement” mentioned, which doesn’t exist in RF legislation.

Based on the foregoing I asked to charge off these 3000 $ (so called loan) from my account, charge off that quasi profit from an unknown, illegal and not executed transaction of 4000$, lift the withdrawal ban and let me withdraw MY OWN funds of 275$ (100$ was the initial contribution, 175$ – the profit from executed trading transactions in the period of 27.02.18 to 14.03.18) to my bank card. I didn’t receive any response to my claim, neither the money.

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