Complaint And Feedback Against

The complaint came from Ramazan, from e-mail: [email protected]

Hello! I spent 4 months, the things happen! I’ll try back – the manager Fedor called and suggested to work with the minimal deposit 100 $, saying it’s impossible to be in the red as the company give 100$ more as a bonus, so finally I got 200$ to my account.

The manager Matvey Korablev was appointed to me. The first issue started with the verification, I wanted to hide 2-3 digits in my passport not to show off all my data, bothered with this for around 2-3 weeks, then send a message to Fedor why he didn’t say about this at once and said I could apply to Roskomnadzor as they violate the private information (or something). The chief financial officer flannelled me that was for my safety. Then Matvey insisted there would be a deal and no minute should be missed, 700 bucks more should be deposited,  said no investments before I withdrew some money and got through the verification, and I was immediately verified after, and Matvey said I could withdraw only what I earned, so I withdrew about 1300 rubles.

Here it comes, Matvey shouted that more investments should be done, while I refused, and one of his sentiments was (I quote right verbatim): “You, student, go ahead, work! There are the sold people in the exchange, don’t disturb us, bye!” Matvey has always been a bit intemperate, but after his words he called me next day saying “there was the misunderstanding, come on, invest 700 dollars, I’ll prepare everything” – this man didn’t hear me!!! Then there was silence for a week and  got a call, they said they changed my manager, there would be Boris Eronin, I traded with hi, for 2 weeks, then decided I’m fed up with it and put all my money for withdrawal, whereafter I made Boris upset, but he was more adequate and said nobody was gonna pay out all as the company was in the hole because of me, telephony expenses etc. Then there was another manager Andrey Titov (also adequate), he gave me hop it wasn’t a scam lottery. But with Andrey we traded so that we got 20 bucks profit for one deal, everything went well, we made 67 dollars, but I couldn’t withdraw them till I work out my account, which meant for the company not to go into the red I had to trade longer, so fr us both to net positive, so was their explanation.

Then on 3 of November Andrey said me to open 2 deals without the stop losses, in other words I had to clos them myself, I opened 7 minutes later because of the internet failure and what I saw next day was the trash, there was 267 dollars on my account and then I was left with -78, I was simply in panic.

Then Andrey said I opened the deal late, but it couldn’t happen for 7 minutes – as I was said by another company. As a result Andrey “hardly” agreed there for my account to be reset to zero, so I was left with 0 bucks on my account. Anrey said if I wanna get profit and reimburse my losses I need to invest 200$ (thanks not 700), then he disappeared and I was called by their department, they asked if I’m ready to trade with another manager for my losses to be covered, I agreed and was called by another manager, let’s say, Nikolay, and said (laughing): I see something went wrong with you as  see”, I was just pissed off already, he said everything was gonna be all right, but I needed to show my purchasing power, 250 dollars to invest))) And he told  Andrey Titov wasn’t working for the company any longer, which isn’t true indeed! And that he didn’t know any Fedor!

When I started to tell that I was in the red, why they deceived me, he hung up! I suppose it’s not the end of the story, this company is yet gonna spoil my mind. As a result I wasted time, lost money, even not big, and didn’t get the training they promised.

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