Complaint And Reviews About HBC Broker

The complaint came from Victor , email: [email protected]

I started work with HBC Broker ( ). I made inital payment $250, but main broker, Valeryi Panteleev, stubbornly insisted for that i put there $5000 on deposit for make deal on Apple Stocks, after they stopped connect with me. We communicated by Skype, but now i have not any news from they.

I would want check this company on fraud and finally know is it real company or not?

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  • Ripped off by HBC Broker

    I got conned by HBC Broker via their scam “The Aussie Method”.
    I fell for the aussie method video and deposited US$250.
    It turned out I had deposited with HBC Broker without my knowing it.
    Then I was contacted by a senior analyst Ian Wolffe who immediately started to try to get me to increase the amount of my investment.
    I told him to show me some growth of the 250.
    That happened over a few days and he made very convincing arguments why I should invest with HBC broker.
    I then deposited $5000US.
    This continued to grow and I noticed that an additional $3000 had been deposited.
    When I asked him what that was he told me it was a bonus. I asked what for. He was evasive on the question and just said some bull that HBC Broker wanted me to succeed and was willing to help me. I couldn’t understand. By this time my account was at around $11,000US. This is after only a couple of weeks. I was suspicious.
    I did some research on the bonus thing and found out second hand that it is a scam to lock you into their system and with terms and conditions that you have to earn a fortune before you can make any withdrawal. I couldn’t find the terms and conditions on their web site at the time, in fact going to their web site to search for any information was ineffective on any topic. They don’t want you to know.



    • Daniel Nieroszczuk

      I have similar problem but they gave me credit od 4500 and I have put mine 500. Before i took credit I asked if I can oay for that credit from money earned as I can’t afford this kind of money from my wallet. They said yes but then after I agreed and week past they told me that I need to pay them that 4500 and then I can withdraw any money.
      I don’t know what should I do but I want to ask you if they will take me to court are you willing to go with me and stand by my side? Maybe we can stop this bullshit together. Contact me at [email protected]

  • Yin Hung

    Have you hear anything from them after? Can you withrawal your money at laast ?

    • Ralitza Raynova

      No I can not!!!

  • Tumi01

    Hbc scammed my $400 as well. After winning i couldnt withdraw

    • Mapet39

      Same here. Lost money. It’s big scam

  • Wolfram

    They scammed me out of $ 500 also. Firstly, after an initial payment of $250 the “account manager” insisted on another payment of $250 to be able to manage the account. Within two days the account showed a (by percentage) good success. The new account manager “Victoria Goldman” tried stubbornly to talk me into investing another $5000 to benefit from a fully managed account. Becoming suspicious I requested a withdrawal of my funds. They dragged out a “verification process” over a month and when that was done all of a sudden the system started trading again (I had ordered that strictly no trading anymore from my account) miraculously making losses only. Trying to get someone on the phone is impossible apart from the operator. Still trying to contact them to get some money left in the account back.

  • Shaun Harris

    Thanks for your valuable input here. As I’ve invested $250 and they have grown it to $458 know 3 weeks. But asking for the 5k deposit now… I’ve been sceptical and thank goodness I’ve found this site. Thanks for saving me a lot of hard earned money. Much appreciated. But the way the broker I’m in contact with is George KHORY incase anyone is being scammed by him.

    • steven

      they are using fake identities , HBCBroker is a boiler room .
      I learned this the hard way and lost more than 30K.

  • george

    do not ever deal with hbc broker , they will take you money and use your card too, its a fraud company and a scam artist , if you request a withdraw they wont reply , the guy s name is mark who will call you using skype and after that they will claim that you used your money automatically online.

  • george

    do not ever deal with hbc broker , they will take you money and use your card too, its a fraud company and a scam artist , if you request a withdraw they wont reply , the guy s name is mark who will call you using skype and after that they will claim that you used your money automatically online.

  • george

    do not ever deal with hbc broker , they will steal your money and use your card too, its a fraud company and a scam artist , if you request a withdraw they wont reply , the guy s name is Mark who will call you using skype and after that they will claim that you used your money automatically online.

  • steven

    i got scammed for 35000 usd by hbcbroker , there is still 52250 on the account and no way to withdraw it , after phonecontact the money vanished from the account wthout a single trade.

  • Hbc abbusive stafff

    I invested $250 but then decided to not go ahead. I have been trying to withdraw my money but with NO joy. I am being bombarded with phonecalls from so called employees from HBC and they INSIST that I invest more money. These people are EXTREMELY RUDE AND VERBALY ABBUSIVE. So it is bye bye money!! NEVER trade with them

  • Elsa Iwona

    Hi Everyone, I read your comments and just want to know if anyone was lucky enough to withdraw their funds? If yes, can you please share what did you do to make it happen?
    My account is being trade against my will, I can see the money in my account, I requested to close my account and refund my funds about two months ago, but it is ignored. It seems that this company is simply stealing people money. How can we stop this???

  • anonymously

    Dont trade with this company they are a scam

  • Koos

    I have also invest with HBC brokers and now when I want to withdraw my money I did not get any response from them I have about $5000 in my account when i try to e-mail them they did not responding to my mails

  • Gopolang

    HBC Binary Traders fraudulently stole USA $250,00 from me after being in communication with ‘Anna Rose’ and ‘George Khoury’ with latter at some point pressing me to ‘invest USA $5 000,00’ which I resisted. Now both these individuals have stopped responding to my e-mail messages and am unable to withdraw the so-called ‘profit’ that shows on my ‘trading account’. They are thiefs!! Posted by Gopolang

  • Anonymous

    I lost all my USD 30k as well. They show you growth in your account and you deposit more money. Once you ask to withdraw, they disappear. A major scam, do not deal with them…..

  • HBC scam victim account 6086717

    put in 250 usd , after 2 weeks non trading and a lot of call from them ,
    asking for a 1000 more … ?? asked my money back .. get a email they will refund in 5 days , 3 months later NOTHING .. I complain to VISA for a refund , The credit card is linked to a BAKU – AZERBAIDJAN ACCOUNT , to inform you the money goes FAR AWAY .. !!

    DONT PUT A DIME IN IT !! Scam 1° class ..
    For teh refund they asked me front/reverse from my credit card whichI did not do , the CVC number can easely be used for more fraud !! BE AWARE , !!!

    6086717 1:500 USD 250.00 250.00 Active MT4

  • Raymond Lee Cheng

    Things became so easy working with Mr Bailey i have him managing my account and trading has been smooth using hes ideas and strategy. If you need someone to help you settle your troubles with trading and getting out your funds from your broker then no waste of time contact him now by email> baileyaart1199 @ gmail . com

  • Michelle Alves

    I have experienced exactly the same scam. I’ve deposited $1500 with Michael Evans, and when I refused to deposit any more money, suddenly I had a new broker, Isaac Goldberg, calling me. I realized these are fake names. I then requested a withdrawal, and am waiting 3 weeks now. No reply to any emails, and no help from their service desk operator. Is there any recourse here?

  • Sandisile Tshazi

    They are a scam,I have sent them numerous emails nd withdrawal requests,I have not been assisted. Can’t get my money back,they hv robbed me $260

  • Sandisile Tshazi

    Anna rose nd Mark,biggest scammers ever,so pissed off

  • Wolfram

    Just an update to my post from 20.Jan. After I requested the withdrawal of the left over money $163, anew “broker” alias Mark Baker called and asked me to give him some time to show me what can happen. So, two weeks later we had a positive balance of $1663 in my account. I put in a withdrawal request for $1600 and that was it. “Mark” was sulking as he had spent so much time on my account and now i do that. The excuse for not refunding is that there are documents to be verified. In January I got an email from their “compliance department” that verification is done and finished and all is fine. Now no answers to emails. Will try to get somebody by phone now which will lead to the usual scenario- the operator says somebody will call back, another “broker” will call and try to persuade me to put more money in a.s.o. Will update the post in time

    • yael

      So what happen? did you get your money back?

    • Anonymous

      That Mark Baker is a first class scammer. Never heard from him again


    Hi Guys
    I am in the same boat as you guys with HBC
    I am currently in contact with their Regulatory office in Vanuatu.
    I would like to ask if all those that have issues with HBC to please mail me with your story. I think if we go with numbers then possibly we can win against these scammers.

    My mail address is – [email protected].

    Please also visit Forex peace Army – , I have left a review about HBC. If you guys could leave your comments as well, it will help our cause that much more.

    Kind regards

  • Vijayan

    I cannot get in touch with anybody at HBC brokers they don’t answer my calls and no one is trading my account I was transferred to several brokers all we’re scammers wanting more money like Isaac Goldberg, mark and James Sullivan. I think I will never get my money back and they are a fraud company which should lose their license

  • Martin davis

    HBC brokers is a scam! Account grew well until I asked to withdraw funds, no funds have been returned and no contact from them for over two months.

  • ANNE


    • FCI

      Good Day, Anne , This is Thomas Freeman from CFI which is regulation Company, as I see you have really hard situation, so If you are trying to solve the problem contact me through email. If you wish leave here an email. and I will contact you immediately


    i openned an account hbc broker couple of months ago my so “called”account mannager PHIL JACOBSON stubbornly insisted me to make an initial deposit of $5000 on my account luckly i didnt fall that trap.
    told me that my account is being managed and a profit was made when i tried to make a withdrawal request this bursteds started ingnoring my request and my emails even phone calls too.
    people do not fall this trap HBCBROKER IS A FRAUD AKA SCAM

  • rr

    HBC Broker is a fraud!!! I started with a simple deposit of 250$. I work some months, and then they put a credit to my account, without my agreement. Now they reclam a new deposit withdraw any money!!!

    This is a Fraud do not trust them

  • MRZ


  • Jeanette Muller

    I have been scammed and scammed and scammed again. I invested with four binary companies and lost all of my investments totalling 290,000GBP. Then I was contacted by someone offering help – a company who specializes in binary recovery. I was scammed by them again. By the end of it all I had lost all of my savings and I was in serious debt. I was desperate for help and that made me vulnerable to recovery scams. My husband is not around anymore and I have an 8 year old son with learning difficulties. The pressure of being a single, working mother with a child who needs so much additional attention and support became overwhelming for me. I also felt too traumatized to trust anyone else and I was very afraid, but I had no choice other than to trust They have been incredibly helpful and supportive and also very understanding about all of my fear and concerns they helped recover all of my funds back within a week using unethical means I feel quite , tremendously joyous about the decision to use I really hope that others do not have to go through what I did, and I wish that I had realized before things were so bad that I was being scammed. I hope my story might help others to not be fooled the way that I was contact

  • Mike

    Great company I don’t know what people speaking about ?!

    • You are an idiot that is pat of them. How can a whole nation talk ill based on experiences and you come out and talk the crap that you just did.. go hang yourself.

  • Favour

    Good day, I do not know how n where to start because you have all echoed my sentiments.

    I started with 1000 USD n they insisted that I increase the amount, oh My God saved me because I refused point blank.

    I have been trying to withdraw from HBC for three months now, I have tried to contact my allocated condultant MARK BARKER for almost a month,to no avail.Hm , thanx goodness for tbis platform.

    I give God all the glory for this revelation.

    • Henk

      Fake comment……

    • Yin Hung

      So many people has been scamed bij HBCbroker, could we do something about it ?

  • Mike

    Guys everything worked for me with the withdraws! This is fake bad comments!!

  • ali

    Like this company stop say this fake comments this is I think that is doing this!

  • nyr

    Not the best company but they are ok……..

  • lee

    I got a problem with withdraw also called to the support they solved the problem it was one of my documents.

    • Keke Waters

      How long did it take you to get your money back

  • troy

    Invested 250 made 148.6 took everything without any problem…..

    • Keke Waters

      How did you take it out,because I’m still struggling to get my money back which I requested a withdrawal in July

  • Henk

    Love this company! Stop speaking nonsense!!!!

  • Henk

    I took 5k without any problem!

  • Yin Hung

    I wondering if we can do something about it to get our money back ?