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The complaint came from this email – [email protected]

Cryptocurrency today is a trendy «fun» and only a «profane» does not know what bitcoin, livecoin, ethereum or stellar are. Skeptics have repeatedly called the crypto foreign exchange markets suppliers of soap bubbles, but the rumor repeated the opposite: to make the «easy» money is like a piece of cake. Indeed, the broker eats this piece of cake, not you, and this results in the fact that our beautiful rainbow ball called «Bitcoin» bursts, with you not managing to understand where your money has gone.

Complaint And Reviews About


Pratconi – «we filch your money in a professional way»

It is a pity that this slogan is not located on the official website of the new cryptocurrency con man. Pratconi is an ambitious brokerage company, offering customers to earn «simple and easy». In the short term of its existence, it is already «draining focus» and baiting a trap: «free» training, support from «super-professionals» and continuous care of your wallet. Is everything as rosy as it seems?

You do not need to make an effort, because it is easy to make money. Every day you will earn. A lot.

And believe it will be this way: your money will flow like a river into the black holes of broker’s pockets. A lot. Daily. And your profit in your personal account will delight your eye. And the fact you can’t «feel» it, is not a big deal.

Pratconi is an ambitious brokerage company

So, after the praises for a team of experts, who will take care of your wallet and lighten your burden by putting money into their pockets, you can see on the gray website even more gray and imperceptible letters of warning that trading cryptocurrency carries great risks, and the company of benefactors does not guarantee and does not bear any responsibility to customers.

Pratconi: trading cryptocurrency carries great risks,

They obviously forgot to give you a magnifier, didn’t they? Obviously, our super-kitchen is not concerned about the vision of its poor customers and hopes to catch them with live bait.

«Zdorovenki buly – the English company of the Ukrainian «lords» will tell you how to earn money».

Or rather, how to put the last cents into the broker’s pockets. Please note that the company claims to be located in Edinburgh. Sounds nice and appealing. We close our eyes and see how we are going to the ancient bastion, shrouded in mists and legends. We open our eyes and see… we do not see, but we hear the truth. According to customer’s comments, when registering with the company, they will communicate with you with cute (must be English) and spirant Ukrainian accent.

Pratconi: the company claims to be located in Edinburgh


Fairy-tales off! You are scammed! How to return money??

Take the real facts. The client has invested money in Pratconi, has made good money and wants to withdraw them (he really wants in the ancient bastion). On August 9, we put 5 Bitcoins on a withdrawal and already feel our money rustling in our pocket. And what did we get?

The client has invested money in Pratconi, has made good money and wants to withdraw them

We got a «squat». On the same day, half an hour later, the request is canceled. The company does not indicate the reasons for cancellation of the application, your money «jumped» back to the balance.

Pratconi does not indicate the reasons for cancellation of the application

«What the hell?!» – the client thinks and tries to withdraw his money again. On the same day, your money is returned to the balance by thrifty brokers. Must be nothing but the care for the client’s wallet. We beg the company to explain what has happened and why the money cannot be withdrawn?

On the same day, your money is returned to the balance by thrifty brokers

You will no longer hear the cute Ukrainian accent, the company ignores all the letters, and the miracles happen in your personal account: transactions are getting opened one by one and your balance starts to decrease. It turns out, that the brokers not to wait for long, begin to drain your deposit as a part of «customer care» program using a robot connected. It is impossible to disconnect it, and you have to watch as the deposit melts before your eyes. The number of dissatisfied users is growing; the company lightens the wallets of customers everywhere.

So, we came down to earth and saw our soap bubbles bursting. Pratconi is another scam exchanging colorful balls for money of traders. As soon as the amount on the account becomes decent, the company disappears, the support service keeps silent. It seems that the situation is out of the ordinary, but according to the client agreement everything is ok. After all, the company warned its customers that it does not bear any responsibility, and the customer has no right to complain; it is his fault that he does not have the «Sherlock’s» habit to take a magnifying glass with him and look at inconspicuous warnings on the Pratconi website.

Where the rules don’t leave you a chance to win, English gentlemen change the game. So, Pratconi disappears too, with no goodbye, leaving customer with no dream, hope and money in the pocket.

Pratconi is another scam exchanging colorful balls for money of traders

What is the result? Just a usual broker who is an easy money catcher. The company does not have access to the international currency market and you really buy non-existent assets. The company does not withdraw money and is clearly not aimed at a long existence, since it violates the rules of experienced brokers: to return at least a cent for the sake of decency. Watch out. Pratconi is a reliable partner for money loss.

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  • Panicos Nicolaides

    What actions were taken from the client against Pratconi? The same happened with me too but by me they made 2 withdraw and i have evidences the account Nr from where they made the transfers.

  • Panicos Nicolaides

    Did [email protected] make any report by the police? By me they made something similar but they made some mistakes too. They transferred me twice money, one time in Qatar and they transferred US$ from UK account and the second time Euro from an Austrian account. Tomorrow i will report them by the police and i hope IT experts from the electronic crime department of the police will locate them.

  • Amaka Josephine Ashikodi Chukwuezi

    Pratconi is a scam.. trust me , the company is fake and all staff there are fraudsters and rogues.