GoldbergTrade Feedback — Threatening Scam

GoldbergTrade (web-site) is the company, which managed to surprise me with its arrogance and excessive greed. The scam broker from offshore managed not only to take away from his client 31000 dollars, but he was trying to accuse her of crimes, threaten to sue and demand more money from her!


Let’s start with the threats

So, Ruth Cusiene shared with me a couple of interesting recordings of her conversations with representatives of the «charming broker» GoldbergTrade that were recorded after her first attempt to withdraw the deposit.

First, I appreciated the conversation with a certain Gleb Odintsov, who called himself as a representative of the company. Gleb requires the trader to pay a mysterious tax on the withdrawal, explaining that without paying it they will not return the deposit. He starts immediately with a threat. Realizing that Ruth was on edge, Gleb changes his tactics, begins to play «good cop», pretends that he is trying to help, and she only has to pay. They are a very honest company (Ruth`s words, when she begins to doubt honesty of Gleb`s company, make him wince) that the customer can be assured that money will be paid! The customer can even get a guarantee from the UK official regulator, because this regulator has blocked the account, so the broker cannot use it! There is a logical question, and why a British firm calls from the phone registered in Oslo? Gleb justifies himself and says that they have offices only in London and Moscow, and he calls from London. It is noteworthy that in the sent official document of the company there is an address of their office in the city of Kingston, a small island state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There is no information about London. Three wise men in a bowl, or ten brokers in an office.

GoldbergTrade feedback

Please note that in the text of the letter a guarantee is given by the company Goldberg Trade, and in the details of the company below are specified address of a certain Goldberg Solutions LTD. Everyone understands that these are different companies, but it is not the most interesting thing. None of these firms are located at Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, PO Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown. Instead this address is specified in the database of the offshore addresses! There is registered a whole galaxy of scam brokers. Yeah, like all in one office!

About Goldberg Trade

In short, the more we learn about Goldberg Trade, the clearer it becomes that this is a scam artist. That is why on the company’s website you will not find any specific contacts of the company neither in Moscow nor in London, there are no any addresses at all. The site doesn’t even have a phone number in Oslo. The number of contacts is impressive. After trying in vain to find some real information, I switched language and looked at the original (meaning English) version of the site. I was surprised. English at Goldberg trade looks like this:

Goldberg Trade web-site

At this moment I realized quite clearly that I have to deal with a scam artist and a clumsy one. I have to admit, I was wrong and seriously underestimated these guys. Against the background of their actions and arrogance, almost all scam brokers that I have met before are little fluffy kittens.


Guarantees and letters

So, may be they can at least give a normal guarantee of refund – I still have one hope. But no, it wasn’t meant to be. They guarantee to give money, but only if the terms and conditions of the company are not violated which the company can change at any time. They are talking also about compliance with the requirements of International financial legislation. What kind of legislation are they talking about? It remained a mystery shrouded in darkness.

Under these conditions we should pay attention to such a point – the company boldly declares that its customers must not initiate a chargeback procedure! It violates the Client agreement, and they can take away all the money. They scare even administrative responsibility in accordance with the law. But they do not mention about what the legislation is about.

The letter with the requirements causes even more curiosity. Here we find out some information about a kind of «international financial regulation FCA» which in reality does not exist. Indeed, FCA does exist, but it is an authority, not a «regulation», and it works only in the UK. But Goldberg Trade is «registered» on the Islands in the Caribbean. By the way, if you speak English, I can recommend you to get acquainted with a wonderful masterpiece of nonsense and triumph of Google Translate which you can find, pardon my language, in an English part of this document.

GoldbergTrade guarantees and letters


Culmination of arrogance

Gleb’s demands to pay the tax again, his complete removal of responsibility, and even threat to its trader from outright criminals – all these finally forced me to put GoldbergTrade on a step above the rest of the scam artists.

When in a telephone conversation Ruth reasonably said that why would she pay the tax again if she had already paid the taxes before following the instructions of broker`s employees, Gleb tells insolently: «You have transferred money to the wrong account!». Ruth is confused, because the payment was made by the broker’s employee, but Gleb does not care, a former employee Egor is a moron, and he does work for the company any more. According to Gleb, the company does not bear any responsibility for Egor`s actions, and the only way to return money is to pay more. Certainly, if Gleb is not a moron, he will continue to work, and a new employee will not tell us that money was sent to the wrong account, and they have nothing to do with it.

On September 5, the scam broker tried to scare Ruta completely and said that they would sue her. Certainly, for any person, who is familiar with the judicial activity, is clear that judicial practice has a completely different procedure. On September 13, evidence of her fraudulent activities (they did not not tell exactly, what kind of activities), will be transferred to the authorities of Lithuania. The final step is an attempt to scare an EU citizen with a ban on visiting European countries. I cannot even describe my shock of the stupidity and arrogance when I read it.



In this situation it is difficult to sum up, but I will try. Well, Goldberg Trade is a new level of rudeness, completely insolent scam broker with the incompetent employees and a fake office. Instead of carrying money here is better to throw them away – the result will be the same, but, at least, you will not be threatened.

Alexander Markov

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