Complaint About BANCO CEPITAL

The complaint came from Ruslan, email: [email protected]


On 07/08/2016 I signed up at the site of binary options of BANCO CEPITAL (, they offered good conditions, I am a beginner in this business, but realized that the site looks confident, and therefore stable, at first I deposited some cash of $250. On 15.7.2016 I placed a couple of bets and we are in green. Further more, they explained to me that the deposit is rather small and the more I enter the sooner I become a premium custimer, and the VIP status is not far away, I’m new, but not stupid I believe.  On 20/07/2016 I entered the total amount of $ 2800 and the balance comes to $ 3050, for the next 3-4 days $300 had positive rates, a total on my balance was $3350. By agreement, I had to be in profit daily at 27-30% of the sum of my previous day, However, I am in red, minus $1,200. After losing the money, I refused to bet, and I told my broker to leave the rest of the full amount, I have no time to talk to you you’re wasting my time (my behaviour led me to disobey, broke a broker’s plan to take my money) I was honestly shocked. The next day I was transferred to a senior analyst, what he said more outrageous than the previous broker. Ruslan you were assigned to me because you are a difficult client. On 7/27/2016 I clicked on the withdrawal of cash $ 2140, the analysts said, I was pleased with the answer, no problems he said, tomorrow I will initiate the withdraw, but if something is wrong, contact the Customer Service. I realized  realized that I will not see the money, and decided to call back the analyst, told him – give me $ 1140, I need to close some debts (and I have a part of the amount borrowed), and $1000 amount you can send me tomorrow. No problem he said, I will send it. The next morning the analyst calls me with a proposal – I have a good position,  give me your account password, I’ll play a couple of times, and all the money will return to the place, so I said definitely no. He hang up. He sent me graphs via skype a couple of time, I did not answer. On 11.08.2016, as of today I still have no money. I ask you to help me with the conclusion of my remaining cash. This is my honestly earned money, nobody has th right to take it from me. Thank you whoever have read it and understood.

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