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The complaint came from Mary from the email address: [email protected]

Good afternoon!

We stumbled upon a dubious brokerage site of binary options, and immediately asked themselves the question whether they’re scammers or not. From the very beginning they offer to earn money online , then they lure folks to their website. The next step involves registration on their website and sweet stories about the bright future and millions of US dollars.

Next they got down to pumping out our money starting from $500, We understand how much it is in rubbles. Well, after you replenish your account for $500, with rapturous words you are given a promo code in which you increase the bet, open a position and hopelessly lose. After this you receive a message that your account does not work and you have an issue with IP. You’re offered to change your IP address. You fill out the offered form of your account incorrectly. They offer a joint account and ask to deposit another $500 with the condition that the deposit amount should be shared with them. They tell that you’re expected to find money for another deposit and they will help you to raise your balance to $5000- 8000m.

They tell that in this joint account, you only need to change the password and they start sharing earnings with you and everything is ok. We cycled through all the websites of binary options, and we didn’t come across those with whom we had an opportunity to deal with. That’s why we decided that it’s a fraudulent site. We want you to check whether it has a license because the site deceives people and steals their money. and (trading and registration on two platforms at once).

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