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The complaint came from Tatiana from the email address: [email protected]

Hello, Ivanova Tatiana writes to you!

I am sending you a complaint about BFOption, their site is I think that such an organization does not exist at all. This is a group of individuals (in my opinion). OOO BF Option (brokerage company) was registered in the city of Tambov, the Russian Federation. As follows from data from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities: it’s liquidated, it existed from 22.04.2003 to 27.10.2007. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence.

As follows from their website, they’re registered in Great Britain. However, from the articles about the broker we can learn that they’re registered in the Morshansk Islands. The only phone that I got a call from and which I used to reach out to them in Moscow is 8 (495)5043775. However, the website provides the following support service phone: +442033182779.

They are interested in people who have credit cards. I think that they also receive such information for money. I had a small credit debt in Sberbank (at the end of November), and the credit limit was not spent. A week later, my phone was bombarded will calls. Earlier no one had ever offered anything like this to me. I was being negotiated from December 05, 2017. I agreed to work with them on December 22. They didn’t uncover their surnames. First, Maria called. Then Irina kept bothering me several days in a row. As I understand, these are managers for attracting clients. They told that after the New Year there will be a deposit of $300, and now it accounts for $250.

I opened the account on 22.12.17. On the site at the opening of the account a payment window pops up, where you just specify the credit card number (the debit card is not provided). The transaction can be made via Yandex Money. With may card I can buy US dollars at the current exchange rate + commission). I buy $100 and $150. Irina told that due to the New Year action I can count on a bonus of $250. By the way, the minimum deposit accounts for $500. However, from the very beginning they generally did not pronounce such figures. I asked whether I’m supposed to return the bonus. She replied in the negative, adding that it’s the company’s gift for me, but I need to work to «pay» for it. Then there were small deals with the help of their analyst. He introduced himself as Markel. He added that I can call him simply “Mark.” He told that he’s from Finland and they have an international company. There are no invoices and his number can’t be seen anywhere. Reviews tell that they don’t provide a demo account. Additionally, any other account with the number is unavailable too. However, it’s only visible only after you have already replenished your account. I asked them if there will be a contract, an account number, terms and conditions of work. I also inquired on whose balance the account is opened. I was told that I will have an account at the EXCHANGE, but not at my BALANCE.

On 12/27/17 I added $1500 to my account to count on a greater amount of transactions (10% of the invoice amount is provided). I earned up to $3664.25 and requested the withdrawal of $2200 and $164. I saw $1000.25 remaining in the account. At the same time, Mark told nothing about the bonus processing, but promised that the money would come by the New Year. On December 29, on the last working day, I received a call from the senior manager Maria. She asked me whether I received money or not. I answered in the negative. I didn’t get an SMS. I’m still waiting for 132,000 rubles.

On January 8 Mark asked whether I got the money and I said no once again. He answered that it was due to problems with verification and they were checking in the finance department. A bit later he told that he had problems because of me. He explained that the bonus should be worked out 40 times, therefore the withdrawal was delayed. Then they returned $2200 to the account, they returned $164 too. In the banking history on the website I saw a withdrawal of $220 and the return was put into bonuses. I started working out a turnover of $10,000 under the terms of the Company, and without the analyst’s assistance. As a matter of fact, $100 came on 08.01.18 to the card from which the deposit was transferred. I saw it in the bank statement, but I didn’t withdraw this amount and I didn’t expect it. I did not even write it off. They transfer $100 through Yandex Money to the card. Where did they transfer it from? I called them on January 20 when I got an excerpt from the SBER that it was only $100. Vyacheslav Ostrovsky also works for them, he replaced Mark when he was sick. He asked whether I was satisfied with the work with my analyst. Perhaps, he asked this just to check my mood, I think so.

31.01.18 they had an ACTION – bring a friend and get 100% of the friend’s deposit on your account. Well, I managed to bring a guy. When we opened a deposit in the name of ALEXANDER, funds were transferred from my debit card, but they told through our Partners and SBERBANK that up to 29,000 rubles were transferred to the account of a physical person card in Sberbank. On Alexander’s account $500 were transferred.  After the call a bonus was put on the next day in my account. Where are my 500 bucks? I guess that all of this can be explained by the Legislation the changes from this year and Yandex wallet can be opened for a specific person with Customer Identification. A request for Verification of Alexander did not come to email. I sent copies of the documents by myself.

By 31.01.18 my turnover on transactions exceeded $10 thousand and on 01.02.18 once again I requested the withdrawal of $2200 – some credit funds. This request of mine is still being suspended by them. They say that I already have a large amount and I need to replenish my account with a sum of $10,000. Such a move would make me their VIP client and enable me to earn a decent income with them. They haven’t made any withdrawals requested by – all these $2200, $165 and $1000. I just want them to return by credit funds, just them, the rest can be taken by them. They told me that these funds aren’t virtual, so they’re subject to withdrawal, are they? I even tried to praise them, just not to have them scared. Unfortunately, all of this turned out to be in vain. What should I do?

Moreover, it’s necessary to return 29000 rubles to Alexander, as an illegal transfer, because the money went just to the unknown individual. I haven’t received a single reply by mail yet. They only called me. They also added that all of my phone conversations with them were recordered. Mark promised to give his email, but he didn’t do it. I don’t have their Skype and anything else to reach out to them.

It feels like their website is a computer program run by them. That’s why I had enough successful deals – they just wanted me to earn more for them. On the contrary, Alexander’s account keeps losing money, although I do my best for him.

Then I read various reviews and forums. So, all positive reviews were written in a single speech style, quite unattractive, to put it mild. It feels like it’s written by someone too ignorant.

It seems to me that these guys are all sitting in the same room, fooling folks (who consider themselves intelligent and civilized), and have fun at the same time. I wonder how many folks just like me they have managed to fool for the last time. Undoubtedly, it’s a massive fraud. Of course, I only blame myself, but it’s so sad to have such a rude awakening when all of this has already taken place.

I couldn’t admit such an outcome from the very beginning. Perhaps, the prosecutor’s office should get my complaint.

Sincerely, Ivanova Tatyana, 8-918-357-02-36.

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