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The complaint came from Alexei from the email address: [email protected]

The analysts of the company don’t contact me. They have reset my account – see the screenshots enclosed by me. Also, when I was replenishing my account, you told me about your deposit insurance. I want to return all of my money in the amount of up to 30,000 rubles or 500 US dollars. Do not give me your links to your stupid analysts who are rude to me and, what’s more – they dared to reset my account to 0. In case of a negative result, i will contact other services that control this type of activity abroad.

This analyst skype live: vlasova_102 didn’t want to communicate with me. She passed my contact to Max Kober. In turn he told me that my trading account should have no less than 5000 US dollars and only on this condition he will work with me. I just want to withdraw money. I have passed the verification, confirmed all the documents. How can I withdraw funds from my account ??? How can I solve this problem ??? To reach me phone this number – 89081550327.

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  • Zoltan


    I unfortunately have invested money into this fraudulent Asictrader (Hellx Corp LP). Some Joey Burton was my personal broker.
    They called me every day more months to try on me to send them investment. They explained me how is it safe and ok.
    Finally I invested 250 eur and started to trade, but infortunately I lost the half of it in the trading so I decided to end it up and withdraw what remain. They sent me not just the remain but the whole investment of 250 eur!
    Next I invested 2000 eur, they told it is protected capital and it will make at least 1300 per month available to withdraw.
    First week it was quiet ok, the traded around 600 eur profit on my account.
    The issue started when I wanted to make a withdraw, they didn’t approved it and slowly ignored all my communication by email or phone, all numbers got out of service.
    Shortly I reported them on UK police as fraud!
    From that time they are not available on phone or email or skype as well!
    So, that’s my story how I lost 2000 euros.
    The system with my account is still alive.
    I’m trying to contact the police whether they could investigate it and get back invested capital!
    It’s a disappointment how fraud people are trying to scam others.
    They for sure are going to be reached by their karma and I’ve learned to be less greed (want want want money or anything)!
    If you can help, do so!

  • Frank Viviani

    I`m quite prescipular by choosing the broker but that all sounds weird to me. I checked a lot of companies and even opened an account in couple of them to see by my self what’s happening there. Non of those companies had a good reviews. Why there are only bad thinks and only couple of messages?
    First to all I checked the number and I don’t understand why you saying that they using same number with some other company? Numbers are not the same. I activated an account with them and honestly I am happy with the results, I don’t have a lot of bitcoins as a profit but I’m making all the withdrawals successfully. However yes they do have a hard verification process that pissed me sometimes, but as soon as I’m getting some profits I’m happy with everything.

  • Gerard Williams

    Hey, My name is Gerard Williams
    I am a professional marketing manager and trading is my hoppy, I’m not going to promote any company BUT the only thing I want to say its – all your scammers rewires are not working already, quite obvious that you are promoting companies that are paying to you, otherwise you wont have those banners of promotions.
    People pay attention, made your own decisions. There is no suitable products for everyone !

    My Best Regards

    • Den

      You are wrong, we publish complaints about frank scammers who will never pay a trader earnings. And we are striving to learn the work of normal, docile companies that make payments to traders. If someone has problems, then we try to solve them!

      • Gerard Williams

        So how would you explain the fact that for those companies that are in your list on “rewires” “RELIABLE BINARY BROKERS”
        there is no company with bad rewires, witch is impossible because each world company have bad rewires, plus on that Binary Options are illegal all over the world and no regulation is possible there since 2018.
        Plus most of the companies in that list are Russian companies and some of them are Forex not Binary Options. And your web also registered in Russia.

        • Den

          Binary options have been banned only in the countries of the European Union, but there are cfd and forex allowed there as before! In all other countries, binary options are allowed! Our team really is in the CIS, we have been working on this topic for more than 5 years and we have a lot of experience in this theme!

  • Gerard Williams

    As you wrote “Binary options have been banned only in the countries of the European Union” then how would you explain that all this list of “RELIABLE BINARY BROKERS” are working in English with EU customers which is already illegal.

    And if you “we have been working on this topic for more than 5 years and we have a lot of experience in this theme!”
    then pay attention on how you guys writing comments to promote your companies. Because I found different examples of 100% same comment with 5 days difference under different names. Huge applause ! Try to explain to people that you are not scammers!

    And I wont even discuss the point that if I want to visit a WEB page of your promoted brokers I can see in a link your referral numbers witch already saying a lot.

    Also as example : What about Binex? You as admins wrote there that they are license (by Russian non governmental company) and trustable.
    And eventually you wrote that company got closed because some Ukrainian police came…

    • Den

      1. I admin and write comments only from this account.
      2. Yes, we wrote the news about Binex, which happened in details we do not know.


    We received another complaint on

    From: Selina Nkuna, email – [email protected]


    I was recruited by Mike Shepherd to trade with Asictrader. I made a deposit of 250.00 USD. I was called by support department requesting some personal documents. I did sent my ID copy, proof of residence and copy of my debit card to my surprise emails are no longer working that Mike vanished nowhere to be found.