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The complaint came from Umar, from e-mail: [email protected]

Hello. I’d like to complain about the broker Now let me tell my story. Having opened a deposit in this company with their manager, I was provided with a personal expert. They told me he would lead me in my trading.

Аfter depositing my account, 10 days passed and nothing happened. It told them that 10 days passed, nothing happened I was very dissatisfied with their service. I added that I’m eager to withdraw my deposit. Then they reacted and started to do something. Nevertheless, it wasn’t comfortable for me to work with them. So, I kept insisting on my withdrawal of earnings. On my strong demand they answered in the negative, stressing that it’s impossible. Instead, they told me to make at least 5 profitable deals just to pay commission for transactions.

Then I started opening trading positions. In general, I had 5 profitable and 7 or 10 losing deals trades. Then, I reached out to a personal expert and demanded to withdraw what was left of my trading deposit. They refused again, making me a fool. They even dared to say that I need to make up to 45 profitable deals. Certainly, I started to open and close trading positions like a fool. As a result, my trading deposit critically shrank. I noticed it and panicked. I sent a message to the expert asking him that he should at least help me with signals and tips. I ended up with several losing and profitable deals. Nevertheless, I managed to make 50 deal, although it was an extremely daunting task. It told the expert to send to my email all the papers I needed to fill out to withdraw my money.

The next morning, the expert told me to go to the main office. He added that before I come there it makes sense for me to open a deal potentially capable of bringing me up to 50% of my deposit. I was still stupid and certainly took it for granted. So, I opened a trading position being assured that I would be able to withdraw a large sum. Then, in 30-40 minutes the most interesting thing occurred. I rushed to my personal account on the platform and see that my balance accounted for just 65 dollars. That expert, having learned that I firmly decided to withdraw my money, gave me the wrong information on opening a trading position. With my balance at that time, $250 to open such a trading position (buying 800 oil contracts) was a crazy thing. Unfortunately, at that time I was unaware of it because I was a newbie. After that, they were no longer in touch with me.

I can confirm my words with screenshots as well as correspondence with the expert. I didn’t imagine anything. Everything written by me is true. I just want newcomers not to make my mistakes. Take care of yourself as well as your funds from scammers.

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