Binary options without investments and risk

Binary options is one of the most common types of online trading today, which allows you to get unlimited income on trading various assets (currencies, stocks, goods, cryptocurrencies, etc.). It has made options an extremely popular form of remote money earning, which, unlike Forex trading, stock market, etc., has a simpler working principle. To get the first income in 60 seconds, you only need to select an asset, specify the expiration date, determine the forecast of the quote movement (UP or DOWN), and all that remains is to wait for the trading result.

And still, traders who trade binary options are well aware that it is not enough just to guess the bet, because financial markets are not a game and not a casino, that there are a lot of risks that can lead to significant losses of money. These risks include:

  • Market risks

Market risks relate to the uncertainty of the financial market. As all traders know, the market is always dynamic, its trends change depending on any external factors. The task of the trader is to determine these factors, use of signals of indicators, forecasts of analysts, etc. However, sometimes consideration of these data in the analysis of the market is not enough, the odds can drastically change direction for no apparent reason and this will lead to losses. It is worth remembering that even the most thorough analysis can not 100% guarantee the correct forecast of the movement of quotations. At the same time, the less experience a trader has, the less he understands the market, the greater this market risk will be for him.

  • Fixed earning and limited profit

When placing a trade, the trader knows in advance the payout percentage in case of a positive trade outcome-this is also the difference of the binary market. However, the amount of these payments cannot be more than the established indicator and it cannot be affected, because it is initially set by the broker that creates a certain limitation in obtaining income from the trade of one transaction. Here it is worth remembering that the losses in binary trading are also limited and a trader cannot lose more than what is indicated in the system. To increase their earnings, traders do not enter into one, but several transactions and are forced to try different strategies, trading styles in order to reduce losses.

  • Binary illiquidity

Binary options cannot be called liquid; they cannot be closed at will, if during trading it becomes clear that the dynamics of the price went in the direction opposite to the forecast of the trader. This leads to additional losses, and until the deal is closed, the trader will not be able to do anything with it — neither closes nor stops trading.

  • Lack of title for binaries

Binary options that the traders sell on the broker’s platform, is only a bet indicating the possible dynamics of the asset. Traders do not have any ownership rights to the asset which they trade and which brings them income, and there are both positive (easy work, no need to execute documents, etc.) and negative sides (it is prohibited to dispose of such assets, to earn money from them, etc.). Most often market players do not think about it, omit this question for themselves, but such feature of binary options must cause concern.

  • Market regulation issues

The binary options market does not have a clear centralized regulation (as it happens, for example, in the case of sports betting projects) and this leads to sad consequences: even after the market has identified a scam artist who deceived more than one client, he still continues to work. As traders know, there are brokers in the market that have regulation, and those companies that operate without a license. They actively carry out advertising to attract customers. Certainly, it is more profitable to work with the organization that has several serious regulations, is a member of the regulatory companies, but it is not known to the newcomers of the market who make a choice in favor of a broker offering them the most attractive working conditions and profitable bonuses.

  • Lack of trading experience

table income from the binary options market, a trader needs to know its basics, the ability to work with its basic tools, to use the signals of strategies correctly. A binary option trading is not a game and it is impossible to achieve earnings only by trying to guess the movement of quotations. Experienced market players pay great attention to reading of reference materials, articles, books, and take thematic courses. Beginners, getting acquainted with the possibilities of options, think only about the rapid receipt of income, do not understand that the dynamics of assets is influenced by a number of factors and it must be taken into account in the work.

  • Risk of money loss

This is the most important risk faced by a trader that works on the financial markets, including binary options. Transferring money to the broker’s account, he hopes to increase the size of his capital, but the risks described above, complicate the results of his work, and make it difficult to achieve stable earnings. It is necessary to understand that losses are inevitable in trading, that losses will always be regardless of the player’s experience. The main task here is to increase the percentage of profit over losses. Profitable strategies, signals of the indicators, forecasts of analysts the broker, etc. will help a player to do it.


Binaries without investments

And yet, despite the fact that binary options have a large number of risks, they are, thanks to the available trade, received an unprecedented spread among modern traders. That makes sense: who would not want to get real money, doing remote earnings on the Internet? The format of work from home is especially popular today and binary options-this is one of the opportunities to earn money. One of the advantages of binary options is that they allow you to start earning real money without investing personal capital of traders and we will discuss it in our article.

Not all traders know that binary options give a great opportunity to start in one of the most profitable types of trading without investing personal funds. It will allow them, while trading not to risk their money, save them, but still receive real income from the real market.

Binary options without investments and risk

Is this possible in binary options? Yes and some binary options brokers do offer different trading options without investing personal capital with the possibility of earning real money. Having information about these options, traders can start on the market at the expense of the broker’s funds, get real money and even increase their number on deposit during trading. In addition, such offers will allow the user to carry on trading that is «free» from the stresses and fears, to protect capital and to have a profitable start on the real market with no risks for money. Of course, it sounds tempting and attractive, so in this part of the article we talk about real ways to make money on binary options without investing money.


Brokers offers with no risk transaction

One of the options for safe trading is the ordinary shares with a risk-free transaction, when the broker returns money to the trader in case of losses. If a trader’s deal resulted in losses, the broker will return the money to him. Often brokers have a special offer «a day of break-even trading», when all losses during the trading day are returned to the trader’s account. Such offers are beneficial for a user, will allow him to try his hand at trading without risk of loss, will help to save capital from serious losses, a player will get an additional chance to earn money.

  • Traders tournaments

Some brokers often offer their clients participation in tournaments aimed at different audiences of traders, including players working on a demo account. As a prize, there are usually valuable prizes, broker`s training courses or real cash that, according to the terms of the tournament, can be transferred to the card or invest in trading on the platform. Some tournaments do not require having any money on the demo account to take part, it means absolutely free participation in the contest, but a trader can also transfer money to his card from such tournaments or trade on the market. It is also a great way to start in binary trading without investing own money. In addition, the advantage of tournaments is that they allow you to test your experience, practice trading and get real prizes for it.

  • Contests on deposit

Some brokers offer their clients various free contests on a demo account with real cash prizes. Such contests are beneficial to a trader, because they help him not only to test his experience, but also to earn money for further work in the market. These funds can also be either withdrawn from the deposit or put into further trading in order to increase earnings. Participating in such contests, players can start trading options without investing their own funds, save them, but at the same time work on the broker’s account with real capital, which can be withdrawn from the platform.

  • No deposit bonus

This type of bonuses is popular among the traders today, because it allows them to start trading on the real market without investing their personal capital in the platform and get the opportunity to increase amount of money. Such bonuses are provided to the trader for free — it mean that to trade on the market you do not need to deposit your account by transferring your money to it. At the same time, bonus money can be put into trading, increase the amount of capital on the deposit and withdraw profits in any convenient way for the trader. No deposit bonuses are another opportunity to start trading on the real market without using your money that, of course, is beneficial to the trader, because it reduces the risks of losing his personal capital.

  • Other brokers offers

There are also a number of other brokers` promotional actions that also offers their clients an opportunity to work in the real market without using their money. For example, some brokers are ready to transfer bonus money to clients for trading to get feedback on the platform, recommendation of the broker to a friend, for use of promotional codes, active work on forums — there are a lot of options for such shares on the market and, offering them to clients, companies make working on platforms more interesting and profitable.

In the next part of the article we will give some examples of currently operating variants to trade binary options without investing traders’ money. To use these offers now you can go to the broker’s website and open an account with him.

No risk transaction offer examples

  • Finmax: no risk transaction

One of the leaders of the market, broker Finmaks, offers the customers an attractive offer for profitable trade without risk. If the trader’s first deal is closed with a loss, the broker will return all the lost money to his account. Such bonus will be a successful start for the trader, will reduce his losses and allow him to get an additional chance to earn money from trading.

  • Binarium: transaction insurance

Broker Binarium also offers its clients the option to compensate some losses for a number of transactions. If the trade resulted in losses, this money will be returned to the trader. This special offer is valid only for premium account holders.

  • Grand Capital: riskless trading day

Broker Grand Capital offers its clients a profitable offer – it is a whole day of risk-free trading during which you can trade on the market and, in case of losses, all the money will be returned to the trader’s account. This is a convenient option for market beginners who will be able to work out trading, get valuable experience in options trading and not risk their money. And you can use this action once during each calendar month, a trader should only choose the day with unsuccessful transactions and all losses will be returned to his account in the form of a bonus. After working out this bonus, (when volume of transactions will exceed the bonus amount by 40 times), can be withdrawn from the platform.


Brokers tournaments examples

  • Finmax: Tournament on demo account

One of the most popular brokers of the market, Finmax, offers its users to take part in the contest of trading on demo accounts with real cash prizes. Any trader of the broker’s platform can join the contest, and participation in the contest is absolutely free. Such a tournament on a demo account will allow a trader to get real money without investing on the deposit of his capital. You can withdraw money or trade binary options on the broker’s platform.


Examples of contests on deposit

  • Grand Capital: Drug trade

This is one of the most interesting contests offered by the binary brokers that take place on the demo account of the company. The competition is free and in order to join it, you do not need to pay money. The purpose of the competition: to determine the professional of intraday trading. The contest is held on Fridays from 17: 00-18: 00 (terminal time), so traders will only be able to prove their skills and professionalism within an hour and the winner will get a cash prize that can be withdrawn from the platform or used in trading.

  • Alpari: «King of the hill»

This broker also offers its traders to get real cash from the contest on demo accounts. Participation in the contest is free and any client of the company can join it. The contest takes place weekly and opens up new opportunities for traders — not only to test their experience, but also to become the owner of a decent amount of money that can be withdrawn from the platform. The winner is a player who during the week makes the highest percentage of profit (also takes into account a number of transactions and an average transaction). In addition to cash prizes, participants, who take places from 26th to 50th, receive bonuses from the company.

  • Instaforex: «Great way»

Instaforex offers its clients several contests on demo accounts, including the «Big way» contest that is one of the most popular among the company’s traders. It consists of 4 stages, participation is free, and you only need to open an account with a broker. To become the winner of the contest, you have to show the best trading results. The traders will receive money that will have the largest amounts of earnings on the deposit. In addition to cash prizes (for the 1st place — $6000) you can also get points to work in the system.

  • Instaforex: Lucky Trader

One more contest popular by Instaforex traders, which is also to be executed on demo accounts. The participation is free, but here one may become a recipient of the real money (1st place – 1000$), which will fall to the winner shown the biggest deposit in the contest final. The event takes place every 2 weeks, so you can try your hand at it repeatedly. To participate you need to open an account with the broker.


«No deposit bonus» offer examples!

  • Grand Capital: No deposit bonus 25%

An attractive offer from broker Grand Capital for traders of the platform. Without deposit funds in the account a trader can get bonus funds that can be used to trade in the real market and withdraw in any convenient way. This is an opportunity to start trading without using your capital. To participate in the offer you need to register on the broker’s website and confirm your phone number. The bonus can be used only once, these funds can be stored on the trader’s account for 6 months.


Other brokers offers for trading without personal investments

  • Alpari: Alpari Cashback loyalty program

Alpari broker offers a whole loyalty program for its clients who trade actively on the company’s platform. You can save points on a special bonus account and exchange them for real cash, in this case the more points a trader has, the more money he will receive. These funds are offered to be used in trading, as well as to withdraw them from the platform. Such points can be accumulated by the trader already during active trade on the demo account, including through participation in contests on demo accounts with the broker.

  • Forex Club: Program «Bring a friend and get a cash bonus!»

It is also an interesting offer that will allow customers to get real cash for recommending a broker to a friend. To participate in this promotion you only need to open an account on the website of the broker, to choose the way of the recommendation platform to a friend and that`s all — you have to wait, when he will deposit funds and begin to trade, and the trader will receive his money. These funds can be withdrawn from the system, when the required number of trading voulmes is performed.

  • Forex Club: «Bonus account»

Forex Club offers its customers an interesting accumulative program that will allow them to save points, change them for real cash that can be used in trading on the market. Upon registration every trader becomes a bonus account where bonuses are accumulated: these are various broker`s awards for client`s participation in the promotions, special bonus programs, etc. You can accumulate on this account, a sufficient number of bonuses to exchange them for money and put this capital to trade in order to withdraw the profit from the platform.

  • Instaforex: «Loyalty points»

This market broker also offers its clients a special program that will allow them to accumulate bonus points for active trading in the platform, work with an affiliate program to attract traders to the broker and participate in numerous competitions, including demo accounts. Bonuses can be used in trading, exchanged for money and after fulfilled the conditions for their work out, withdraw them from the platform. They can also be spent in the store, where you can find many useful things with the broker’s logo, including training materials that will certainly be useful to the client of the company.

  • Instaforex: Miss Insta Asia beauty contest

This broker`s beauty contests -a frequent phenomenon and is already quite popular, because it will also allow the trader to get real cash in case of winning the contest. Here are decided the winners in 5 nominations that receive considerable cash prizes (from 5 000$ to 20 000$). At the same time, within the contest the company’s clients have the opportunity to participate in special mini-contests and also win prizes and get points. Actively participating in the beauty contest traders also receive points, which can then be used in any convenient way: to trade on the market, withdraw, spend in the store, etc.


With no seed capital

To trade binary options a trader can choose a convenient way for him. You can try real trading without investing funds which will allow you not to invest your money in trading and not to risk them, but to start working in the real market with the broker’s money: these are bonuses, tournaments, shares, which give the winner real cash as a valuable prize; they can be withdrawn from the deposit or put into trading in order to increase them.

Also some traders find variants of binary options brokers with a minimum deposit to start trading and this is also a great option to get started. 10$ is enough for such players to trade, while they may not participate in any promotions, bonuses, because it imposes on them the obligation to work out money and can lead not only to win money, but also to their losses. Promotions and bonuses for a beginner can be a real trap, because if he does not know about their conditions, he cannot withdraw money at all.

Bonus terms are the first thing that a trader should pay attention to. They can be loyal to the customer and it will not be difficult to fulfill them. However, more often there are such conditions of shares that are difficult to fulfill even for professional market players, contain rules that cannot be fulfilled at all, they are aimed to make trader`s to work more difficult, complicate the withdrawal of earnings for him. To avoid it a player should read carefully the terms how to work with promotions and bonuses, it will save him nerves, time and money. In this part of the article we will demonstrate what different brokers of the market usually include in the terms of using bonuses.

For example, Finmax in the document «Terms of use», you can read important information on the use of bonuses: on the conditions for granting them, about a violation of the rules of work with them and about consequences for a customer in case of violation of the rules. So, here it is said that when using bonuses and shares of the company it is necessary to know and comply with the provisions of the «Terms», because if they are violated, the broker can cancel any bonuses. In addition, you can withdraw bonus funds only after working out the required number of trading transactions:

Finmax bonus use information

You shall realize that the broker monitors the activity of clients and, if he sees that a trader abuses the bonus, he can suspend, cancel the bonus, refuse to provide these funds, block the account, if a client tries to get «unfair benefit» with their help, so the trader should be careful when working in the terminal:

Client tries to get unfair benefit

In case of the «Agreement» violations, including those related to the use of bonuses, the broker may cancel the loan, withhold funds on the trader’s account, and close the account:

Broker may cancel the loan

At another broker of the market, Binomo, in the personal account, before depositing funds to the account, you can choose a bonus and read the terms of its provision, which fully regulate the work with such offers of the company. It says here, for example, that profit from the bonus can be withdrawn only after it’s worked out, equal to the «bonus amount multiplied by its leverage». You shall take into account that brokers often set limits on the amount of withdrawal of bonus funds. Bonuses have limited validity, require working out, otherwise the bonus will be reset. After a bonus has expired, the bonus funds can be debited from the client’s account. The bonus can be reset if an account balance is lower than the minimum sum of possible bet in the system:

At another market broker, Corsa Capital, a trader also needs to read the bonus terms and conditions, for example, before using the «Welcome bonus». It says here that the bonus cannot be withdrawn from the deposit, but it is possible to withdraw profit from it-these are the points of conditions that are most often available to all brokers:

Trader needs to read the bonus terms

In addition, this broker has its own feature on the bonus: bonus funds can be withdrawn if the account has an amount of more than$ 20, because after the withdrawal of the bonus will be canceled with a limit of$20. It is important to understand that this broker, as well as other organizations, can refuse to provide bonuses without explanation, can cancel the bonus without warning and, moreover, will not be responsible for the consequences of such cancellation, because «bonus is 100% owned by the company»:

Bonus is 100% owned by the company

The broker Grand Capital offers a lot of interesting bonuses and each of them has some conveniently located information about the rules of its use. For example, traders who would like to use the «No deposit bonus 25$», should remember that there are a lot of conditions that they must follow to work successful on the platform. The rules fairly say that the participants of the bonus should know the rules of its use, because ignorance of such rules will not be «an argument when making a claim».

If you use this bonus, you cannot use other broker`s promotional actions. If a trader’s account already has a bonus, «No deposit bonus$ 25» will be credited to him only when the first bonus is worked out, it means that the combination of bonuses is impossible. It is also standard here that the funds earned by trading the bonus can be withdrawn from the platform only when a required trading volume is fulfilled (it is not less than 100 microlots here).

It should be noted that to use this bonus, trading through an anonymous proxy server is prohibited, because otherwise bonus and profit that a trader received from it will be debited from the account. Also, the broker will act in the case of scam, when providing incorrect documents to the company, so you should be careful when working with bonuses, in addition to benefits, this can lead to large losses, so that the broker will refuse to serve a trader.

In addition, we give here as an example the conditions of participation in the contest «Final race» at the broker WForex. This is a free contest which can be attended by any broker traders who have both a demo account and a real account:

Conditions of participation in the contest «Final race» at the WFore

The use of robots and expert advisors is prohibited in the traders contest. You can only trade on one account; otherwise traders will be automatically disqualified:

You can only trade on one account

It also said here that if the personal data is incorrect, the participant will lose the cash prize. You will not be able to change the registration data during the contest, so you should take the contest more seriously:

If the personal data is incorrect, the participant will lose the cash prize

Please note also the information a trader is obliged to have a verified phone in the profile of the platform. The broker can request verification of the winner; you should be ready for this:

Trader is obliged to have a verified phone

Having studied in detail the conditions of providing bonuses to brokers, we can note the following as a conclusion: before using a bonus, you should carefully study the rules of working with them, which are usually available on the company’s website. It is important to understand that bonuses are not only profitable, but also quite risky, because it is necessary to provide correct data to the broker, be ready to trade, open an account in the platform and fulfill a number of conditions that will allow a trader to get the bonus without any problems.

All the contests, bonuses, promotions have their own rules and those provisions, the broker will refuse give a bonus, withdraw it, or will not allow to participate in the contest — here we talk about a scam, using illegal tricks of the trade, provision of false information etc. Broker seriously contemplating bonuses, providing them to the client, he may withdraw them at any time, because it’s his money. It is necessary to understand that the work of traders is monitored by the staff of the company and in case of violations it will be very easy to lose the winnings.


Without deposit

Can I successfully start trading binary options without a deposit? The examples mentioned above give a positive answer to this question. Yes, you can start trading in the real market without using your capital. In order to get real money from the market, brokers offer a lot of «events» — these are contests, bonuses, promotions, where the winners receive some money as a prize that can freely use: to trade them further or to withdraw them to the card. This is one of the most popular ways to work with binary options, because, in addition to the cash prize, participants receive valuable trading experience in the market.

  • Wforex: «Final race»

The contest Wforex is absolutely free for traders; you only need an account with a broker. It is attended by 2 groups of accounts: Forex and options. The winners are the participants who during the competition were able to earn the largest possible amount of money. The first 50 participants (25 traders of each group) will share the prize fund of 10 000 USD. Traders who are not among the winners receive 10 USD as a bonus for participation in the contest and 500 points under Rebate Club program.

  • Instaforex: «One million option»

This is a regular weekly broker`s contest, which is held on demo accounts, participation is free. Its prize fund is 1500 USD; this amount is distributed to five winners. All clients of the company can take part in it: both beginners and professionals. You can withdraw funds only after they have been worked out. In addition, the winners are required, according to the rules of the contest, to confirm an account with the broker, because prize money is transferred to the verified real account.


Without loss — working with demo account

What about other ways to start trading binary options successfully? Are there such options? Yes, there is another good way that can be a real way out for market newcomers — to work effectively on a demo account. At the same time, you can work out trading skills, learn to understand the basics of the market, actively use various tools, test strategies, indicators, etc. A demo account can sometimes seem like a waste of time, but it is not and market professionals will agree that, with proper operation on a demo account, you can fully prepare for the real market and trade on it profitably. You can open your first demo account to fill out the form below. You will be redirected to the broker’s platform, where you will have access to a training account with $10,000 on the balance.

Today the most brokers have a demo account available without time limit; you can use it when it is necessary and as much as it is necessary in order to feel more confident in the market. In addition, there are various tournaments and promotions. Such tournaments or bonuses are a real finding for a beginner and because trading here, they will not lose their money and do not risk them. In addition, not all demo accounts need to provide personal documents that also simplifies this work. This demo account is of course valuable for the trader. Today are popular tournaments and contests on demo accounts, which are focused on the holders of trial accounts and offer them the opportunity to earn real money from trading, withdraw them from the system or continue trading. Such tournaments are carried out, for example, the brokers, Binomo or Finmaks.


Without initial contribution — worth the bother?

Is it worth it to trade binary options without an initial contribution? This is a fair question that traders are also interested in today. Of course, you can and should even try to start trading without investments. Moreover, there are many such offers from brokers on the market — these are shares, bonuses, which are aimed at increasing the interest in the platform on the part of the players. And yet, with all the temptation of such a «way», it is not as simple as it seems: in order to take part in bonuses and tournaments, a trader needs a positive trading experience at least on a demo account. It is impossible to win such competition without experience and knowledge, because there take part both professional players and beginners. Of course, the experienced traders become winners of such contests. It should be noted that it is necessary to work effectively on a demo account, participate in competitions, and try to win something in them, because it is also an experience.

When a trader receives prize money after the participation in the contest, he will not be able to withdraw them immediately, he has to work out, probably, provide personal documents to the manager of the company, etc. Sometimes the traders forget this. To work out a bonus is to make a certain number of transactions on the account and only then you can use money as your own. Often at this stage traders lose their money, lose even a bonus itself, breaking the rules of trading, etc. In addition, starting trading on the market, it is necessary to understand that here the risks of losing the deposit expect a trader, including due to lack of trading experience, fears, greed.


On binaries with no money?

It is possible to make money on binary options without cash, using the options that we described above in our article: these are no deposit bonuses, contests and tournaments on demo accounts, promotions, etc. It is important to understand that the success of this path depends on trader`s experience and knowledge, on the improvement of skills, otherwise it is very easy to lose all the money. Even if the trader became a winner of the contest and received prize money from the broker, it is too early to put an end to it — it is important to fulfill all the conditions for working out bonuses, trade money a necessary number of times and only then you can withdraw them.

Are there any other ways to start trading binary options without money? Here a trader can, first, to change the demo account at the broker, if he ran out of virtual money and he would like to start trading again. Brokers often hold various free contests on demo accounts, which will also help to start trading without personal funds of the trader.



You can and even should try to make money on binary options without investments. Brokers are interested in drawing attention to the platform, understand that trading is psychologically difficult and beginners are not ready to lose their money. Therefore, they offer potential customers the opportunity to start in the options market without investing money. These are various no deposit bonuses, promotions, special offers, tournaments and contests on demo accounts. Many traders take part in such events. In addition to practicing trading skills, they can also get broker’s cash prizes and, after working out the bonus, withdraw this money or put them into further work in the terminal.

Cashing on binary options without investments is real, but still difficult, because the participant of special contests and promotions will need experience in trading, market analysis, the ability to use tools, etc., it means, to have knowledge of all the factors that will help him to trade with profit and enter the number of winners. Even if a trader does not have much experience in the real or virtual markets, in any case, it is worth trying his hand at various competitions, but do not need to stop there. Traders should understand that binary options without investments are not the only way to start a successful trading without significant losses. He can start working in the real market and with the minimum amount on the account. By transferring to the account of$ 10, he will calmly work in the market, investing in the transaction a minimum possible amount ($1) and not worry about many expenses, because with minimal investment in the transaction losses are insignificant, and therefore, the trader has no uncertainty, fears of losing money. Each trader should choose a convenient and comfortable way for himself, based on his capabilities.

Choosing A Reliable Broker

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