Binary Options Bonus

Usually, anyone who came into the world of binary trading, surely would want to see himself as a successful professional trader, but the fear of investing his own money and natural uncertainty, often stops him. It is important for brokers, not to lose those potential future customers. To do so, the brokerage companies have developed various types of bonus programs, for example, such as deposit bonuses. The deposit-free bonus programs provide an opportunity to carry out trades with real money, but without the risk, in case of a successful outcome, there is even a possibility of a partial withdrawal of earned money.

No deposit bonuses

This is one of the most popular types of bonuses, which are usually in high demand by new traders. It is easy to explain – this is a totally free method to trade, with the absence of risk. What is the essence of this proposal?
In reality, the amount of the bonus is not large, usually 10-20 dollars and it will be interesting only to inexperienced customers, or people looking for any possible profit. Let’s review this type of bonus in details, and find out what it can be dangerous.

Offers to receive a deposit-free bonus, very often come from rogue companies.
It’s the easiest way to attract new customers. What is hidden, under this, seemingly good way, to quickly plunge into the exciting world of options trading? The reality is that the so-called, no deposit bonus, is being offered to the unsuspecting user with a special electronic account, where profits are already programmed into the system by a broker. A slight manipulation with quotes, and your deals bring you profits right away.

Excitement takes over the client so much that people have embraced emotions, starts to deposit their personal cash. After this, the magic ends. It is a very simple formula.

Whatsoever, there are also, not based on deception, deposit-free bonuses, but they are not large, and they need to be turned up to 50 to 100 times. So, it is obvious that the free cheese is never easy to get.

Basically, a deposit-free bonus in binary options, is a bonus for registration – it is a gift to you from your broker, which can be used toward actual trade deals, and then can be withdrawn, but only if the bonus rules and conditions were met. Often, this type of bonus is given at the time of various promos, so freebee hunters should follow the news of brokerage firms and market in whole.

Bonus for signing up with a broker – it is the first kind of bonuses offered. This type of bonus is added by a broker as an additional amount to your account balance. On average, the bonus amount is about 100% of the actual deposit . The bonus amount varies from the size of the deposit. A welcome bonus is defined at a certain amount by the broker.

For example – the broker adds 50% to your $500, if over $500, it is respectively – 100%, and so on, limiting the amount of up to $2,500. Some binary options brokers even offer bonuses to more than 200%. This can often be a scam, as it is not easy to work out the conditions of bonus, and its withdrawal.

In reality, this type of bonus programs is equally attractive to both beginners and experienced traders, but they both face the harsh conditions of their provision, and in consequence – problems. Brokers, attracting customers with bonuses to their trading platform, usually omit an important fact about that cash received as free bonuses, will be available only when the user transfers to his account a certain amount of own money. To state that the options market supposedly has any real no deposit bonuses, is not true. If someone gets this kind of gift from not so well-known brokerage firm, it can easily cause losing of everything, where the withdrawal is not possible at all.

In this situation, we would recommend one thing – before you respond to the bonus offer from your broker, examine carefully all the terms and conditions of its provision. Large brokers, working in a customer-oriented system, also have bonus programs, but in this case, such a thing as a no deposit bonus will be expressed in a slightly different form:

  • A bonus reward in tournaments and competitions with a demo account
  • A set of options as a gift


No deposit bonus from Binomo «Free options for $150»

You can use the no deposit bonus with the withdrawal of funds from the Binomo broker. The essence of the bonus is as follows: The Binomo company offers free options in the amount of $150 to new customers. If the trader makes a profit, as a result of successful transactions, he can withdraw it to his bank account or electronic wallet, under certain conditions. If a trader loses – it does not have to do anything. You have a real chance to earn a deposit-free bonus!

Get Options for $150!


Second bonus type: Trading on a demo account, earn real money

The FiNMAX broker offers to get real money, competing in the binary options tournament with virtual money. At the beginning of the contest, each trader will have a special demo account, with an equal balance for all participants. Traders need to increase their deposit as much as possible to get into the top five for fighting for the top places. The prize for the first place is $500! Try it without risk now!

To participate in the tournament


Bonuses from Olymp Trade

There are two easy ways to get money for a real account:

  • Finish the registration online at OlympTrade and you will have a great opportunity to get your deposit bonus of 200 Rubles. The Trading Platform randomly selects a lucky person and proposes to perform simple tasks on a demo account. Upon completing of tasks, you will get 200 rubles to start trading without any risk.
  • Take a free training course on options trading at Olymp Trade Academy and get $5 into your deposit.


Bonus from Olymp Trade Academy

If you continue on in-depth studies and pass a trading test at the end, the Olymp Trade broker will add to your account another 500 rubles! As a result, you can get 750 rubles of real money without risking anything by studying the basics of trading and trading strategies.

Get the Olymp Trade bonus


Instaforex no deposit bonus

The Instaforex – is forex and binary options broker with a no deposit bonus of $ 100

The oldest Instaforex broker offers trading services in Forex and in binary options, just recently. The Instaforex is a global broker with 250 branches in all parts of the world, recognized as the best broker of Asia over the past three years.

The company offers to its new traders a no deposit bonus up to $100 in 2016! Those who first opened the account with Instaforex, the company gives a no deposit account on binary options or in Forex market.

How to get a free no deposit bonus 2016 by Instaforex?

Under the terms of the bonus program, to take advantage of the withdrawal of bonus, only new customers can use this type of bonuses (30% deposit + 45% deposit, etc.)

  • Register a new real account with a broker
  • Go through simple verification procedure. It requires to upload a scanned copy of your passport into the Trader’s Cabinet in the “Verification” section. Await for an answer by e-mail with the result of the verification.
  • After successful verification, you will be granted the right to fill out an application for a no deposit bonus. The bonus amount is determined individually by the company employees.


Bonus for registration

Imagine that you deposited your money at any brokerage firm, then you have added a bonus to it, you spent some time in trading …and you do not like it.

What happens in this case? It will be not possible to withdraw your funds. A broker will politely indicate – “Look, we have rules to pass the turnover 30 times.” Therefore, always carefully read the terms for these bonuses.


Wagering the bonus for registration

Always remember that all deposit bonuses stringent conditions and the restrictions apply. The brokers is not a silly category of people, and don’t simply give the money out of their pocket just to anyone. You will have to make some effort to prove the authenticity of your identity, and then do 40-50 times the turnover to be able to withdraw your earnings. There is no guarantee that after such a grueling trade anything will be left.

Bonuses for registration, is nothing but the illusion of getting a free lunch, which is designed to attract customers. Even if you follow all the conditions for the wagering of these funds, the brokerage firm may find some reason for not paying you anything. In order not to complicate your life, find a broker with the lowest amount of the deposit and place something around $10-20.


Invitation bonuses or bonus on your first deposit

This types of bonuses are offered by most of brokerage firms. Fund your account, then the broker adds the bonus amount which sometimes reaches 100%. Usually it is no more than 30-50%.

The conditions for bonuses use are identical to those previously described. To withdraw the bonus, it will be necessary to make a turnover of these funds 20-50 times.

All this is not surprising. Imagine that you deposit $500 into your account. The broker gives you $ 250 as a bonus. What are your actions on the following day? Exactly!
Rushing to withdraw all the money and spend it at a nearby restaurant or supermarket. Then you play this scheme again, and, here you are a bonus millionaire!

Perfect! It is not difficult to guess, turning of bonus money is used precisely in order to keep you away from this amount and not considering yourself smarter than others. Bonus money can not settle in your pocket if you do not turn it a certain number of times, as the broker wants from you. But the main problem with the bonus is that you can not even use the rest of your money deposit until you completed the turnout.


Tournaments: how to work out the bonus?

To withdraw money from the account, after receiving the bonus, you must make a turnover equal to the amount of the bonus.

Turnover – is a total number of positive and negative transactions.

To say simpler, your bonus will need to play itself out. The turnover usually ranges from 30 to 50 times.

If you get $30 bonus, for the turnover, it should be 30 X 30 = $ 900. Only after achieving this amount of turnover, you will be allowed to withdraw the money.
Not just the bonus, all of your money.

You must remember one important thing when you want to get a bonus for your account. Once you get a bonus, all the money in your account is temporarily locked. As long as you do meet the conditions specified in the conditions, you can not withdraw any money from your account. Terms of brokerage firms are very clearly stating about it. Many newcomers face the troubles with this, by jumping on the free money without thinking, not expecting of what really awaits them, after receiving this bonus.


What is a turnover ?

This means – as far as possible to avoid going in red, for the time of dealing trades. Is there a chance for the novice trader to conduct a profitable trade, without having significant losses? No chance.

For this reason, taking bonuses for beginners is not the wisest decision.
If the trader is confident in his abilities, has a good experience in trading and actual withdrawals of money from the binary platform, then the opportunity to comply with the turnover, and increase the overall deposit, could have become a reality. If you are just a novice in binary options, – bonuses are not for you!


Gift bonuses

This type of bonus is known as a promotional or a bonus gift. It is proposed in the framework of an action, event, or just as it is. You are given the opportunity to win various prizes, or an increased amount on the deposit bonus.

Usually this bonus is imposed by managers, in continuous phone calls, and reminders that you immediately need to top up your account, and then you will receive this bonus, and this offer is only actual till tomorrow morning.

No need to believe in this, the gift bonuses are being given regularly.


Special bonuses

It is kind of the same gift bonuses. Imagine, a broker offers you to “double” your income for the action. For example – a trader makes 10 bets of the same amount, then the broker will double the total amount income if bets play successfully.

Bonuses, that are offered for this type, have special conditions, you will be required to learn about them at the beginning. Of course, if you do not want to be bestowed upon bonuses with the necessity of their 500 times turnover (yes, these situations do occur)


Risk-free bonuses or transaction

The risk free transaction are as following – “Dear Customer, trade to your pleasure, and if you lose your money in these transactions, we will refund the money. Great, no risk here!

Yes of course. If you do not take into account the fact that the money that you “get back” is automatically converted into bonus and the same conditions apply for the turnover, if you care for possible withdrawal. So look for such gifts as another way to get into bonus scam.


Deposit insurance

The same risk-free bonus. You will be refunded if the bid was unsuccessful. But all the money in your account will immediately become as bonus. And, of course, you have to make the turnover.


Educational onuses

As a gift, you will be given a free book (often a completely useless one) or free access to any webinar. Just one condition – make a deposit.

Actually, those webinars can be quite useful, where you can get a basic understanding of technical analysis rules, but often – it is garbage, and a trick to compel the client to make a money deposit into the account.

Another popular bonus – a bonus for re-deposit. In order to keep the trader at broker’s platform, it is proposed to take an additional deposit. Often, the broker’s re-deposit bonus – is the percentage of earlier re-invested money. The sum is smaller than welcome bonus, but if the customer id familiar with all the features of the broker, it is better than to change it.


Bonus for a friend

Here everything is pretty clear, you get a bonus if you bring your friend to us. As a rule, your friend has to make at least a couple of transactions on the platform, otherwise the bonus will not be evaluated.


Trading contests and competitions

It’s not exactly a bonus, because, in order to obtain it, you need to take a part in the competition. A very common scheme.

In this competition you do not do trades with your money, you will open a special account with virtual funds. Further, when winning, it turns out that these winnings is your bonus, and you have to make a turnover.

However, large firms prefer not to play too much with the customer and give very realistic conditions. For example, they give $ 30 and only ask to do a turnover of only 3-5 times, and it is not a problem at all.
One example of favorable bonuses, which can be taken: client does trades with virtual money, but the prizes are real. But, to receive the money after this is not an easy task.


VIP bonuses

Entertaining bonuses for the rich. The point is simple. Add funds of 50 thousand dollars, you get a big bonus or a few options such as personal manager, or the ability to withdraw funds within only 10 minutes and so on.
Needless to mention that the investment of such big money in binary options is senseless. Such sums are rather invested in Forex or better in the stock exchanges.


Bonuses: Good or bad

  • The way to lose the money for the beginner;
  • The way for experienced traders to increase their trading volumes.

The experienced traders often take bonuses, because they believe that they are able to “recapture”. The newcomers jump on them because of their naivety and as a result – the losses.

The purpose of the bonus for brokers is to bind a new customer to its platform, not to let the cash out, adding conditions in the form of a turnover, and so on. Fortunately for the broker, the newbies usually do not read the bonus terms and blindly believe that the money they are given is free of any possible effort.

Please think twice and read the conditions before you take on any bonus offers. Do not say that you were not warned.

To get your money, you are invited to make the “turnover”, so to make the number of deals way more than the sum of the received bonus. In most cases, for this type of bonus, it is necessary to reach a number of up to 40 times more than the bonus amount is.

Some brokers require to make a minimum number of transactions.


Bonus on re-deposit

The second in popularity is a bonus on a second deposit. For the trader not to leave the broker, the broker offers him an additional deposit. Usually, the broker gives a re-deposit bonus as a percentage of re-investment. It is less than a welcome bonus, but if you already know all the nuances of the trader, it is better than to change your broker.

The re-deposit bonus is usually less than a sign-up bonus. Although, it is possible to open another account, and get the same bonus again. Brokers usually do monitoring those who opens another account, but the goal of the broker is to get you deposit real money and the volume of transactions on it. Therefore, you can simply ask the broker to provide you with a bonus. It is always important to remember that the bonus is not any free money, and it is important to have this approach in mind.

Is a binary options bonus really needed? Risk-free transactions (binary options without the risk)

The most popular bonus on the binary market will be a risk-free deal. The idea of this bonus is that it will be equal to the funds lost during post trades. If you are in the red after a certain number of transactions, the broker alone will give you a bonus amount covering the loss. If you have made a profit, then the entire amount is yours. Brokers usually pay within couple of days.

Some brokers compensate for losses in cash. But mostly, they cover losses through bonuses. In conditions for receiving the bonus the brokers typically ask for a 40-times turnover of the bonus amount.


Refunds (Cash Back Bonus) and risk free trades from the binary options brokers

Broker undertakes to repay 100% of the money lost. The conditions are the same as a for the bonus. But they are favorable since you are not tied to the beginning.

In fact, it is the most simplest form of a binary bonus. The trader receives a refund of his losses. The approximate percentage is around 10% -25%. In this case, you can use the bonus only if you lost. If the trader is in green, the completion of the bonus is not required.

The Cash Back, is opposed to risk-free transactions that will be added at the end of trading. The Risk free transaction can be presented as Cash Back.


Bonus for invited friend

The trader will receive an amount determined by the conditions at his own expense, if he brought new customers to the broker. The amount can be up to $100.

Having understood that what the bonuses are out there, let’s find out who and why needs bonuses in options trading. Options offered by the broker additionally can help both novices and professionals.

  • To study the trading platform better
  • To minimize the risk of increased deposit
  • Achieve profitability by increasing the deposit. If you already have experience in trade and productivity, the trader can increase the volume of transactions.
  • Meet with a new broker. Starting with a minimum deposit and get the bonus may get a comprehensive overview and review of the broker. Check the Support and explore all the details of the work. If you do not have enough money to work with binary strategy.
  • To cover negative balance.


How to correctly use bonuses

Now, we would like to discuss, if you are attracted to an idea to get 20-100% in the form of a free bonus to your account.

To do this, you:

  • Learn the rules of the bonus;
  • You took into account a turnover to the amount of the bonus is required;
  • Ready for serious work;
  • Do not rush for big bonuses.

The greater the amount of the bonus account, the harder it is to you to deal with it, as in the case involving multiple psychological factors, such as limits on deposit, and so on.

Try a bonus, rather in smaller amount, not more than 20%. Make sure that the amount on the deposit was small, up to $ 100. With this amount of money, try to make a turnover look at how the process would go.


Money management for the bonus turnover

Money management – is a set of simple rules that can minimize your risks.

The most simple rule is that the size of the transaction should not exceed 5% of the amount of your deposit. Examples:

If you deposit $ 200, the amount of a single transaction should not exceed more than 10 dollars or better of 5-7 dollars.

Thus, you put a limit on your trading risks. It is also important to follow psychological sides of money management. It’s pretty simple:

  • Stop trading if you make 2-3 consecutive unsuccessful transactions.
  • You probably still do not understand the market where it is not necessary to double, triple, or attempt to win.
  • The market says right here – your actions are not correct. Your predictions are not correct.


Based on this:

  • Aborting this process here and now;
  • You go back to the paper or on a demo account;
  • You come back to the real account when you make the same 2-3 successful predictions on the live chart.
  • The self-confidence will return with real money trading. As you can see, all these rules are very simple and well understood.


Overall of this article

Do not rush to get a bonus. Do not run for the lucrative offers and try to make a fast turnover on the bonus. You must not think that the binary market only works for you, and lives to your desires?
Excellent !

Start working on your system and it will be right and optimal way for you. You know this already if you have decided on the bonus. Do not forget – bonuses are designed for experienced traders, but certainly not for the newcomers who came just yesterday to look at binary options.

Choosing A Reliable Broker

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