Surf Trade Advisor For Forex Trading

As we all know well, one can gain in the market only being seriously prepared for Forex trading. Fear, greed and the desire to win the capital back may disturb newcomers by reaching success countering the market (truth about Forex). Picking the tools right professionals get the stable income. So not everyone knows that you can refuse the manual trading and any computer owner can manage the automated trading using an advisor. And yes, it profits, it is a recorded fact!

Why trading with advisors is good for trading results:

  • Advisor has no feelings,
  • Adviser is indefatigable,
  • The program follows a clear gainful strategy with no greed.

Just imagine, these three factors bring the automated trading with ad visors into positive territory! Sure not any advisor will bring the profit. So called «snitchers» occur, too, avoiding which is possible only checking on the period the advisor works with the cent account.

Today we will tell you the example of a gainful advisor – Surf Trade, the proven program, successfully tested by traders on the real account with deposit of 3 000$. There are many «snitchers» in internet, meaning programs with no confirmation of their operation efficiency. We advise those wishing to be engaged in effective automated trading to test and trade with those advisors only, which have online monitoring with proved results.


Surf Trade Forex advisor

This advisor is the one of the profitable market trading robots, showing positive results in long Forex trading. WELTRADE broker provides its users with this completely free program, it may be downloaded from the company’s official website.

The special aspect of dealing with SURF-Trade is that trading is executed within the range, the advantage at that is given to volatile and flat currency pairs. For the quality signals search the indicators SMA, Stochastic are used, along with the oscillator of overbought-oversold zones and MACD. The best viability of the Forex advisor is visible on the currency pairs EURUSD, EURAUD, USDCHF and AUDCHF. М5-М15 timeframe application is recommended.

With the new solution for automated trading it is easy to set up 24-hours operation for getting money on your account. The program can completely «take charge» of trading. After you made the settings and started the robot, you may fix your other errands while SURF-Trade takes care of the stable income from the financial market. After you set the robot off, it starts estimating the price dynamics and set the orders, which range was set as the start one. Due to Take Profit option it is easy to fix the profit at the level reached. In case the prices run the opposite side the advisor will open a new deal equal in volume to the first one, through the «Distanciya» parameter point amount fixed in settings, If the price runs the opposite way again, the robot will open a deal with the volume calculated by program with this formula: the previous rate volume + the default lot.

Please note that the forex adviser we offer is simple and clear in operation, its setting can manage even the market newcomer. The positive trading results were confirmed by online monitoring of MyFxbook and MQl5 services. This fact lets you trust the program, shows its profit-earning capacity and operation stability. Due to effective cooperation with WELTRADE broker, there will be monthly reports published on results of trading with forex advisor, which you can see on the website of the project MQL5.


Surf Trade online monitoring

This chart displays online the trading history with Surf Trade robot:

Surf Trade Advisor For Forex Trading

Advisor parameters:

  • Platform: WELTRADE broker’s terminals,
  • Best pairs for trading: EURUSD, EURAUD, USDCHF, AUDCHF,
  • Recommended timeframe settings: М5-М15,
  • Leverage level parameters: up 1:500 p.,
  • Deposit: up 25 USD (cent account).

The program parameters setting shall be performed by its adding to the currency pair chart:

Surf Trade online monitoring

More details about the system parameters:

  • Plus – Take Profit is cumulative while opening a new order,
  • Take profit – the income tag level considering the spread,
  • Distanciya – distance between orders,
  • ShagDist – shall be added to «Distanciya» option,
  • Lots – lot size necessary for robot trading,
  • Magic – robot serial No.


Broker for Surf Trade advisor operation

As noted above, Surf Trade operates just on WELTRADE broker’s trading platform. The program was developed by company’s partners for the users to be provided with a favorable solution followed by comfortable spreads and continuous high return rate. As you know all Forex brokers introduce various spreads, so one automated trading program may show absolutely different results on several trading platforms. Surf Trade was created specifically for the broker’s trading terms, so it shows the very nice performance.

WELTRADE broker is the company you’d better to pay your attention to. It’s an experienced and stable entity, which has been operating already for almost 12 years, offering its user the gainful and functional trading, a wide range of assets, nice shares and contests. The company became popular due to its unique cooperation terms, continuous service development, ambitions concerning new achievements. The users appreciate the up-to-date safe trading platform offering them various earning options. Please note that the references about the broker are mostly positive today.

WELTRADE advantages:

  • Over 11 years of effective performance;
  • Over 100 000 effective traders from 18 countries;
  • Ample opportunity in one of the best global trading platforms;
  • Cooperation beyond safety: the broker has a license;
  • Trading beyond comfort: on cent account for advisors testing;
  • Quick withdrawal from the platform (within 30 minutes, 24/7).


WELTRADE bonus for the visitors of FraudBroker portal

Please note! WELTRADE is always happy to submit the platform users interesting offers and extra bonuses. The special offer of the broker for portal visitors, allowing to test the Surf Trade advisor operation to an advantage:

  • 10$ as no deposit bonus,
  • or 50$ by account replenishment.

Get 10/50$ bonus
Download Surf Trade advisor


How to install Surf Trade advisor?

To install the advisor you need:

  • First, download the SURF-TRADE.ex4 archive file with the program from the brokers official website; then copy it;
  • In МТ4 platform you need to pick the menu option «File» – «Open data catalogue», then insert the copied file in the folder «MQL4 – Experts»;
  • Now you need to reboot the terminal. After the program opened again find in the top navigation menu bar the tab «Service settings» – «Advisors»;
  • Here you need to tick the options «Allow DLL import», «Allow automated trading». Then you need to press the key «OK».
  • In the box «Navigator» you press the tab «Advisors», pick the file SURF-TRADE.ex4, open popup menu pressing the right mouse button, choose the option «Apply to chart» (for instance, you can fix the advisor for trading EURAUD pair, timeframe: М5). Then you need to set parameters.

How to install SURF-TRADE advisor?

  • Now press the tab «General», tick the options «Allow functions import from DLL», «Allow advisor trading». That’s all, after pressing the button «OK» the robot starts operation following all your parameters set.


Monthly reports and monitoring

Trading is a mastership and it’s hard to achieve the continuously high result here not participating personally. Anyway you have to control the Surf Trade advisor trading results, monitor the market breaking events and close the positions, where the advisor seems to be chosen the wrong direction. Please keep in mind that such situations are possible, too.

Choosing A Reliable Broker

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