30 Minutes Strategy Binary Options

Imagine that there is a binary graph of the pair euro/dollar in front of you. The amount is determined, the direction is chosen and you just need to set the end time of the transaction. If your forecast should be realized in 30 minutes, that means you work with a 30-minute binary options strategy.

The scheme of 30-minute binary strategy.

Prognosis (upper/lower) → expiration (30 minutes) = result (win/loss)

The convenience of proposed systems is that a trader can work with the following time frames at his/her own discretion:

  • M1 (expiration in 30 candlesticks)
  • M5 (expiration in 6 candlesticks)
  • M15 (expiration in 2 candlesticks)
  • 30 (expiration in 1 candlestick)

The trading algorithms developed for M5 are more popular. More than a half of all practicing traders working with 30-minute strategies prefer them. This can be explained as there is enough time from the moment of getting a signal to the moment of closing an option to realize the conceived maneuver (6 closed candlesticks).

An alternative opinion

It cannot be said that many traders depart from a usual standard and think that strategies for 30 minutes are only those methods that are played on an M30 timeframe (period of expiration is not important here).

This approach helps to weed out the market «noise» and minimize the number of fake signals. The disadvantage is a low trade intensity which implies the opening of up to 3 deals per day.

An alternative interpretation of 30-minute binary options strategy is suitable for busy traders who aren’t willing to leave their main profession and don’t want to spend more than 20 minutes per day for market analysis.

In addition, a 30-minute timeframe strategy with a long period of expiration can be used as an additional method for increasing the existing system of earning money.

A 30-minute binary strategy is moderately aggressive, having some degree of technical simplicity, logical validity and high profitability. It is not necessary to make fast decisions or make a lot of deals to get a good result. If you are a newcomer, then start with the binary market using one such method.


Compatibility of indicators with strategies of 30-minute binary options

To make a full technical analysis, traders complete this group of trading systems by following a set of instruments:

Graphic is directly marked by 1-2 indicators that show the direction of the dominant trend. It can be Moving averages, Bollinger bands, Parabolic, Alligator, etc. Choice depends on a trader’s preferences.

Histogram MACD is one of the strongest oscillators that helps determine the entry point. As soon as the bars of this indicator change their polarity and indices of the current bar become bigger than the previous one, it means sustained trend is formed and can be used for making deals. Of course, like any other instrument, MACD is used only when desired by the trader. But it is proven that its presence repeatedly increases the quality of strategy (at more than 60% of strategies developed for M30, take into account the indices of this instrument).

Any standard oscillator is used additionally for checking a signal. It can be RSI, Momentum, stochastic, etc.

30 Minutes Strategy Binary Options
Indicator structure of 30-minute binary options strategies

1-3 indicators, putting on graphics a current trend impulse + MACD – filter signals and allow to identify an optimal + A standard oscillator confirming or refuting helps to determine moment for entering a signal


The importance of technical levels

30 minutes expiration is enough period to pass sizable distance the independence of used timeframe. For this reason absolutely any 30 minutes strategy should be estimated additionally including proximity of important horizontal levels (contingent barriers to which many stock-exchange participants draw attention; these zones can be a common reason of price lowering and its moving to the opposite side).

30 Minutes Strategy Binary Options


You should take levels into account even when a strategy has clearly describable manual with attached patterns and does not provide for such analysis.

Candlestick patterns

Traders, working with 30 minutes timeframe (having an opposite opinion) can increase a value of an exact level by defining relevant price formations on its graphics. Some of them are below.

Engulf model

Engulf model

Pin bar

Pin bar

Hammer and Hang

Hammer and Hang


Fundamental data

Announced or unannounced news can strongly affect the efficiency of any of 30-minute binary strategy. That’s why you need to add bookmarks in the Economical Calendar during the first trading hours and not make any deals without checking it (if you find out about news, wait 30 minutes, and after the news appears, close the graphics and do not trade under any circumstances).


  • The 30-minute trading strategies can be estimated by the period of expiration (30 minutes) or by the timeframe in which deals will be completed (M30);

The scheme of 30-minute binary strategy

Prognosis (upper/lower) → expiration (30 minutes) = result (win/loss)

  • Traditionally, a complex of three countervailing indicators is involved in such kind of systems for getting a qualitative signal.

The indicator structure of 30-minute binary option strategies

1-3 indicators, putting on graphics a current trend impulse + MACD – filter signals and allow to identify an optimal + A standard oscillator confirming or refuting helps to determine moment for entering a signal


  • The 30-minute trading strategies are used by traders who do not like risk, have limited timeframes or look for additional ways to increase their deposit
  • Horizontal levels and candlestick patterns amplify a signal
  • Trading at the moment of fundamental events release is prohibited.

To build your knowledge of this strategy, you need to practice. Right now please learn the trading algorithm of the strategy known as the «Puria Method», which is described in detail here.


Advice from Warren Buffett

«Beware of when the investment turns into speculations. The line between investment and speculation never was clear, however, it disappears at all when you get unexpected profit – nothing can lull your rationality as big money that have fallen from the sky».

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