What’s Forex? Full Truth About Forex!

Have you ever wondered what’s Forex and why so much talk about it? Today we will answer these questions and tell you the full truth about Forex. First, it is necessary to define the concept of this market. So, Forex (Forex, FX – an abbreviation of the English phrase FOReign Exchange) is the “interbank market of currency exchange at free prices (that is quotes are formed without restrictions or fixed values)” (Wikipedia).

What’s Forex? Full Truth About Forex!


Does Forex Broker Bring Money to the Market? No.

However, today the Internet is just replete with the information that Forex trading is a scam and dealing centers are kitchens. There are enough reviews that Traders are deceived by exposing of different from market positions (as for example, described in the blog voronkov-kirill.livejournal.com), as a result, speculators do not work directly with the market, but do not even go beyond the Broker terminal. To see this, Traders themselves compare market quotes in Forex Brokers’ terminals, but this information does not help them to achieve the truth.

This is because the Trader’s money, delivered to the Broker, in fact, have not further take out. You should know that. None of the Brokers, both large and budding, bring your money to the financial market. Trading with a Broker, you play against him and your earnings — a loss to the company. That is, all Forex Brokers kitchens work in same way.

Constantly, there are new negative reviews in the Internet about Brokers who take the last money, disappear and do not get in touch. There is an opinion that, in addition to Forex Brokers there are also dealing centers (DC) in the market that play against the Trader by tricking him. And the negative reviews from Traders relate to them. Dealing centers (or even DC) are companies that provide their clients with access to Forex, acting as intermediaries in the performance of their trading operations (for example, EasyMarkets (continue to site), FxPro (continue to site), AMarkets (continue to site), InstaForex (continue to site), EXNESS (continue to site), etc.).

Maybe, if you consider all the Brokers to be DC or kitchen, should you trade at Forex at all? Let’s try to answer this question in our article, using the data we have studied from the Internet.


All Forex Brokers Are Fraudsters? No.

Honest Brokers exist. Otherwise, there would be no concept as “Forex”, this market would be simply forbidden. It is worth remembering that serious Forex Brokers obey the laws of regulators, who oblige them to follow the rules as to pay income to Traders, and this money falls on the wallets of Traders from the pockets of the Broker. Therefore, the constant huge earnings will not be guaranteed to the Trader, it is costly for the company.

However, it is important to leading Broker to have a strong trust relationship with the user, so he gives an opportunity to gain income to Traders. The network has real positive feedback about the work of reliable Brokers; we’ll confirm this later in the article.

Forex does not tolerate unprofessionalism. Carefully study the information about the Broker if you want to achieve success in trading.


Is the Broker Responsible, Or Does the Broker Keep Promises?

The Broker’s regulation is a controversial issue, many Brokers have it, but does it help the Trader in reality? Not always, and online reviews prove it. A decent Forex Broker, of course, has a regulation, and not one, but he conducts activities so that the client remains in gain.

Is the Broker Responsible, Or Does the Broker Keep Promises?

You should understand that when you sign a contract with a Broker, the text of the document may indicate that the company does not take responsibility for terminal failures, trades, losses and risks. Thus, almost for nothing. At the same time, all disputes, according to the contracts, you can adjudicate in the World Court.

And here you do not receive money, your Broker is stubbornly silent at your indignant letters or begin to be rude, you write claims to all instances: to the Western regulators (Cysec, the official website; Fsa official website; BaFin, official website, etc.), to the Russian authorities (NAUFOR, official website, etc.), but in most cases nothing changes cause it’s you by your own signed the contract and reviewed its contents without outside pressure. Such cases in courts are among the simplest, the contract has your signature, and you put it voluntarily. Learn about why you need reliable Forex Broker. Forex is a large number of risks, except income. Remember that risks are inevitable.


Can I Choose a Reliable Forex Broker? Yes.

But it’s necessary to do a serious job: to study the ratings, reputation, reviews, experience. And that’s where a part of naive budding speculators fall into the trap of scammers. While searching for the dealer, the Trader selects the most profitable option; he is bribed by conditions, bonuses, minimum deposits.

You should understand that the leaders of the industry do not need such marketspeaks, but a lot of small companies use it. You can be a knowledgeable Trader, pay enough attention to the search for a proven trading terminal, a reliable Broker and then, according to the results of trade, you can again be surprised when faced with the situation of “no money, no service, and no professionalism.” Did Forex really exist?!

Forex does not tolerate naivety. Carefully study the offers of Brokers, filter out doubtful ones, trust your money to reliable brands.


And Yet, How to Find an Honest Forex Broker?

Yes, it is difficult to find a really serious Broker that does not deceive and allows you to earn. It is possible to study the mass of thematic sites where ratings with positions are specified, and they will be different at each resource. Of course, high positions are usually occupied by the companies on everyone’s lips. Choosing a Broker, you should know that no one will give you everything at once. Only small dealers, little-known brokers promise to provide all at once and steer more people by advertising to leave them without money.

They are engaged in deliberate denigration of the reputation of competitors by making scandals. Therefore, starting to study reviews about the leaderboard rankings, you can see a lot of materials from obvious competitors. Often small brokers’ companies work with freelancers for their PR, for deliberate publications with negative reviews.
Such companies are also not above making cold calls, purchasing the database with the phone numbers, and offering trading on Forex, describing its limitless benefits. How will a large self-sufficient Broker not behave? He values his reputation, stability, reliability, regular customers, he thinks of a calm, sustained marketing policy, special offers, and promises only what he is really ready to provide. In this case, let’s say: “the smaller the Broker, the greater the possibility of fraud and scam”. Though there are also those companies which earn reputation slowly and gradually, honestly and without “black receptions”.

And Yet, How to Find an Honest Forex Broker?

Forex does not tolerate the lack of ability to think and analyze. And if you find it difficult to understand doubtful offers, reviews and reputation of Brokers, how will you analyze the market?


Who Needs Widespread Forex Advertising?

Today, a huge flood of aggressive advertising about Forex trading opportunities is falling throughout — it’s easy online earnings which will immediately and forever change our lives. One has only to start trading. Brokers run big campaigns and give money gifts to already registered Traders. And really, why not take advantage of the offer. Therefore, every day someone who falls for advertising is registered at another fraudster, without looking at the reviews, the license, the content of the contract, because “campaign time presses” and, after transferring of money to the Broker the most interesting begins: under the mask of a Forex broker is another speculator.

Forex does not tolerate false expectations. Learn to distinguish scam Brokers and work only with trusted companies.


Minimum Investment in Forex Trading: Is It Right?

After passing a demo trading and choosing a Forex Broker, speculators usually move to the real market. Most often, you can start trading with the minimum sum (1 US dollar, 10 US dollars, etc.) that you have to transfer to your account to start making real money. It is not so much; students, pensioners, housewives always have such money and easily transfer it to the account, as well as easily lose.

Minimum Investment in Forex Trading: Is It Right?

The trouble here is that after losing money, the Trader will not particularly worry about it and invest again this minimum sum, again lose, and will try to trade on some future occasion.

Forex does not tolerate disrespect for money. Want to start earning on the market? You should act, self-improve, test, and not just siphon off your pittance.


Is It Easy to Trade On Forex? No.

Aggressive advertising often force the Trader for easy and high earnings through Forex trading. It’s difficult not to take advantage of it. The problem here is that the market is unstable, difficult to predict and what will happen in an hour is very difficult to project; respectively, gaining by investing the own money is difficult and risky. If you are seriously prepared, have an impressive theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, you will be able to work at the market.

Is It Easy to Trade On Forex? No.

And what happens if Trader has no experience of the analysis of the market situation? Yes, there are indicators, strategies, trading signals. But there are reviews that signals in the Broker’s terminal do not coincide with market quotations; it would seem, you put a position, and it either jumps or stop losses do not work, as a result the positions are closed by themselves and you lose your income.

Forex trading does not tolerate laziness. Forex is quite hard work. That is why there is a slight amount of really successful Traders who give all their free time to Forex.


If Forex Such Available? No.

Everyone loves a freebie and easy money. If the opportunity of easy money occurs, everyone just rush to it and lose in the end. In such a way, Russia has a large spread of different pyramid schemes, and lotteries. Availability of the Internet, which nowadays is in every house, put the wind in the desire to find a way of simple income and freelancing.

Forex can surely be considered as a freelance, but not every active Trader suspects that it requires serious training, knowledge and skills.

Forex does not tolerate freebies. Forex trading is the same job as any other. And if you are interested in this area, you have every chance to achieve high results from trading. Properly learn how to trade at the Forex market.


Full Truth About Forex: What Is It?

The full truth about Forex, in fact, is that it’s possible to obtain reasonably good income here. But it’s necessary to do a lot: learn, read books, analyze, think when reading reviews, test a demo account, start trading using stop loss, take profit and money management rules.

Choosing A Reliable Broker

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