Binary Options Strategy

The High-Frequency Trading Strategy «Woodworm»

The combined approach to generating trading signals used in this trading system on the binary market allows you to generate the most accurate forecasts for contracts. The “Woodworm” high-frequency trading… more

The «Gallipoli» Binary Options Strategy

There is no dispute that there is a need for various trading systems in binary trading. However, this area is so overloaded with different approaches, which makes it sometimes very… more

The «Klapper» Binary Strategy For Beginners

Often, it is difficult enough for beginners on  the binary options market to pick out a trading strategy with sufficient effectiveness to obtain a stable result. As a result, new… more

The «Slider» Trading System – Conditions For Using The Strategy

Among the main conditions necessary for this high-performance 60-second “Slider” strategy are the following parameters of the trading platform and support services: A professional integrated indicator set on the trading… more

The «Kodaker» Trading Strategy – Fast Returns On Turbo Options

The most optimal and efficient type of binary contract for rapid growth of working capital is turbo options. Short term expiry times and high profitability allow the trader to obtain… more

The «Profi Signal» Binary Options Trading System

We suggest you consider the “Profi Signal” combined multi-indicator strategy, which demonstrates a high level of efficiency for binary options. The system is characterized by its trading signal and provides… more

«Scalping on RSI» Strategy

Scalping or high-frequency trading on the minimum price fluctuations is one of the fastest ways to increase trading capital in the short term. But it must be understood, that when… more

The Best Binary Options Strategy

For a high-performance trading on the binary market, a huge number of systems has been developed. They all use a variety of principles of analysis and let you obtain a… more

«Breakthrough Channel» Strategy

Specifics of the binary contracts and short-term periods of charts, used in trading, with this tool, allows a very effective use of classical approach to positions forming on market’s trending… more

«Break Flag» Strategy

On the market of binary options , trading with a trend is most prevalent: this strategy is the least risky and highly profitable. How do we determine that the trend will continue… more

«Crafty Serpent» 5 minutes strategy

The binary options, of course, are very tricky, but there is one trading strategy, with which you can outsmart the market and wrap its swings into profits! The name of this… more

«High Range» 5 minutes strategy

What opportunities does the binary options trader get, having a good trading strategy? Unlimited! Although, a stable deposit growth is enough with just 65% of profitable trades closures. The «High Range»… more

The «Night Channel» trading

The trading techniques for binary options with a 5 minute expiration time have the parameters that allow you to minimize the risks of trading, and work with excellent results. The… more

The «Noodles» Trading Strategy

The main requirements for the effective use of this binary strategy are the technical capabilities of the trading terminal and trading conditions that offer the opportunity to trade with minimum… more

Knocking Price Strategy

The short term options – is one of the most popular strategies among traders because it allows to make profits easily and quickly. However, many beginners make a mistake, believing… more