Following the trend: such a deceptive ease

Following The Trend: Such A Deceptive Ease

Introduction to trading in a trend Among an ocean of strategies used in trading in financial markets (raw materials, stocks, bonds, futures, options, currencies, etc.), the most popular one is the… more

Trading signals of the system

The «Detector» Strategy Based On Professional Indicators

Many automatic indicators are offered today to assess the quotes of financial instruments. However, not all forecasting algorithms can offer traders high-precision signals and trading forecasts of maximum effectiveness. Among… more


Money Flow Index (MFI)

By publishing detailed reviews of oscillators of binary options for readers, we give you an opportunity to learn how to trade. Every newcomer of option trading makes his or her… more


RSI: if too much is bought or sold

RSI indicator An indicator of binary options the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is one of the most popular tools for market players. It was created in 1978 by a trader… more

Descending trend line

Trading Binary Options On The Trend Lines

Trading on trend lines Graphic elements can be found on all popular trading platforms (trend lines, support and resistance levels, Fibonacci lines, channels, etc.). All of them are specially designed… more

Signals for trading

The «Tool» System For Trading Options

Trading futures involves using certain types of strategies for assessing the market and forming trading forecasts. There are many such methods. We want to offer you an extremely simple yet… more

To open a contract DOWN

The «Cradle» System For Trading Options

Undoubtedly, effective technical analysis of the market is the cornerstone of success for any online trader. But not everyone can master all the techniques and approaches to market forecasting. Moreover,… more

Trading rules

The «Welbeck» Operating Strategy For Options

Professionals of the financial market are well aware that it is simply impossible to predict quote movement. However, certain technical tools and principles of analysis can provide information on the… more

Signals to trade binary options

A Professional Options Trading System Called «Handicap»

In the field of options trading, there are a number of professional trading forecast generation systems that are characterized by high signal efficiency and financial performance. Often, these types of… more

Technical Signals for Binary Options

The 5-minute «Crossing» Scalping Strategy For Contracts

Traders on the futures market often use scalping as a mode of rapidly increasing their trading capital. Despite the high risks, this trading regime is a highly profitable way of… more

How does the system work?

The Very Simple Options Strategy Called «Sloth»

Binary trading is positioned as the easiest way to work on the financial market. However, many experts note that trading with futures contracts entails great difficulties in terms of forecasting… more


Complaint And Reviews About

The complaint came from Qutub Khan, email: Hello. I want to complain a broker thay plant a person on Facebook and now show my balance 11000$. I ask for… more

Trading rules

The «Ridge» Binary Options Trading Strategy

As their main tool for generating technical signals in binary trading, most investors use multi-indicator strategies which consist of many automatic algorithms that can respond quickly to all market fluctuations…. more

How the system works

The «Fibo Grip» Options Trading Strategy

On the internet today you can find a strategy for any trading tempo, investor preference, or asset. But with this variety, there are few systems that are truly universal. Therefore,… more


CryptoIndex For Binary Options

Internet technologies are not standing still and new promising developments are regularly appearing. The main trend for the last few years has been binary options and cryptocurrencies. This article will… more

Signals on the Bollinger Bands strategy «Multichannel»

A Binary Options Tactic Called «Multichannel»

This system for options trading will appeal to fans of channel trading, since it is based on the well-known channel trend and volatility indicator, the Bollinger Bands. The “Multichannel” strategy… more

Signals of the 5-minute options strategy called “The eighth sense”

A 5-minute Trading Strategy For Binary Options «The Eighth Sense»

A profitable strategy for binary options is the dream of every trader who wants to dynamically increase their capital. And if you have not found one yet, then in this… more

System signals for trade registration

The «Grade» Trading Strategy On The Binomo Terminal

Despite broad developments in technical services for binary trading, it is rare today to find a specialized terminal on the market with functionality that allows the trader to use a… more

Strategy signals

The «Blast» Options Trading Strategy

Effective market analysis is the main tool for making a profit from trading on the binary market. To assess prices and form signals, traders apply the most diverse approaches and… more

Signals of the trading strategy

The «Dominator» 30-minute Options System

Traders usually use quick options with maturities of up to 15 minutes for transactions. Refusing to use contracts with longer expirations, for example, 30 minutes or 1 hour, significantly reduces… more

Trading rules of the system

The «Caldera» Strategy For Options Day Trading

Despite the fact that the binary market offers investors fairly wide technical and time ranges for trading, the vast majority of players trade during the day period. This is logical… more

The signals for PUT options

The «Ribbon» 15-minute Options Strategy

All experienced traders working on the options market know that the success of trading depends on the strategy that the investor uses to evaluate quotes. A strategy is nothing more… more