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The complaint came from Alexei from the email address:

The analysts of the company don’t contact me. They have reset my account – see the screenshots enclosed by me. Also, when I was replenishing my account, you told me about your deposit insurance. I want to return all of my money in the amount of up to 30,000 rubles or 500 US dollars. Do not give me your links to your stupid analysts who are rude to me and, what’s more – they dared to reset my account to 0. In case of a negative result, i will contact other services that control this type of activity abroad.

This analyst skype live: vlasova_102 didn’t want to communicate with me. She passed my contact to Max Kober. In turn he told me that my trading account should have no less than 5000 US dollars and only on this condition he will work with me. I just want to withdraw money. I have passed the verification, confirmed all the documents. How can I withdraw funds from my account ??? How can I solve this problem ??? To reach me phone this number – 89081550327.