Complaints And Reviews On The Broker Aqulla

The complaint came from Vyacheslav from the email address:


Help me. I can’t take my money from the Aqulla broker. Their website is When I first noticed that the company was cheating with quotations I made up my mind to withdraw funds.

I requested the withdrawal of all the funds to the card with which I made the replenishment. I wrote from my personal cabinet to their support service. I ordered a return call and tried to call.

Everything is useless. Aqulla blocked my account, so I couldn’t log in. A major role in advertising this broker and its honesty was played by Yuri Mikheev (who previously worked as Mikhail Shevchenko). Currently, he’s trying to attract clients via free webinars, but he’s already promoting another broker.

Yuri Mikheev also does not answer Skype calls and messages ( How can I resolve the issue of withdrawal of my funds with AQULLA? Vyacheslav.