The Binary Options Robots

Have you ever thought how to automate or turn the process of earning on binary options into technically easy procedure when your computer operates the most of it ? If you have thought, probably you heard about trading robots that are able to make all technical actions for a trader.

From this article you will know:

  • What kind of trading applications exist.
  • Is it worth buying them.
  • How and when to use them.


Types of robots for binary options

Firstly, all programs can be classified as paid or unpaid versions. They both can function primarily on some already existing trading strategy that’s what they have in common. The difference is that more difficult scheme functions are used in paid products and they can handle more market situations.
Unfortunately, the majority of trading robots on the market is a gold mine for info-businessmen. These people offer a wonderful program that can replace a typewriter for making money around the clock for 20-100 dollars. You will need:

  • Buy an offered product.
  • Set it up once.
  • Make money.

The experiment: right now try to find any website where a binary robot is presented and look how much it is. The question: do you really think that paying such a ridiculously small amount you can make millions ?

The Binary Options Robots

The summary: the effectivity of paid products in reality is close to zero, although they are able to analyze the market more precisely.

Also, all the robots can be categorized by mode in which they function. There are automatic and semi-automatic binary robots.


Automatic binary robots

They independently analyze the graphs, find right moments for entering and making trades. A trader just should make a point setting and periodically monitor the process. The weak point of these robots is that they can’t assess market in complex, can’t track the news release and make corrections at its strategy on time, accordingly.
The automatic robots are used very seldom because they are not able to increase deposit, despite its tempting possibilities. Also it is almost impossible to find a suitable program which can be used without connecting to a broker who has made it.

Automatic binary robots

The one way to organize trading on autopilot is to write your own program. It is hard and takes time, because besides the programming skills, it is very important to choose correctly and test a trading strategy as a base, on which,the robot will function.

This simple instruction will be a guide for the users who decided to undertake this uneasy task.

  • Read all the rules of a chosen system and find out the following moments: what is an average frequency of opening deals, what are the rules of money-management, what kind of strategy is it, does it have special or additional conditions, and etc. After such a review you should fully realize the logics of your earning tactics.
  • Separately, write out the rules of opening and closing of positions. Remember, work with binary options mostly suggests a speed trading where there is no time for memories. Train with a timer and learn to find entry points no longer than for 25 seconds.
  • Try this option- the “Strategies tester” that is in the MetaTrader 4/5 terminal. Work on this simulator while the balance of profitable and unprofitable deals reaches value of 3:1.
  • Open a demo-account at the website of any binary options broker (can look here). At this stage you have to learn how to add to the amount of deposit at least 20%. Continue this way at least for 2 months. If you are not interested in opening deals for nothing, spend your 10 dollars for an experiment and try to reach up to 15 USD.
  • If all above stages don’t cause any difficulties, let’s think that exam is passed and you are ready for a large profit and a standard deposit.
  • Place a tested strategy in the code and synchronize it with a chosen broker (there is 1 difficulty that will be needed to overcome).
  • The example of automatic robot for binary options is here.


The best robots for binary options

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Semi-automatic robots for binary options

Semi-automatic robots (or counselors) are famous by their market analysis and suggesting a trader favorable signals for buying/selling of an option. A user estimates a situation and makes a decision about entering in the position or ignoring a signal. That’s why they have a disadvantage: without command of a trader a deal can’t be activated.
The semi-automatic programs are in high demand because they allow a trader to take a full responsibility for his/her funds and at the same moment get notifications about potentially profitable deals. For example, a robot at OptionBit has been proven as useful and it is development of the above mentioned binary broker. After the registration, it can be used absolutely for free, for a week.


  • There are paid and unpaid robots which don’t differ at all by their functional possibilities.
  • A trading robot can trade in the automatic and semiautomatic modes.
  • At present moment the best way to organize effective auto-trading is to create your own robot. It is long, hard and difficult for some.
  • Semiautomatic robot is a great instrument that can help a trader do not miss a potentially profitable deal. The most important is the algorithm of its function that should match trading strategy that a trader follows.

In theory, the robots for binary options trading make trading easier and more profitable. In practice, everything is different because a technical imperfection of paid and unpaid products leaves a lot of questions. Therefore, a today’s trader can’t trust his/her own deposit to any of robots.

Semi-automatic robots for binary options

Choosing A Reliable Broker

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